Monday, March 16, 2009

shine on

your choice of perception, 3/12/09

mostly what i've been doing these last few days is making a book for my collaborative journal project with karin bartimole of beyond words. below is a book that she sent a while back as a sort of 'sample' for an idea she had.

she made it, of course, and every teeny tiny part of it is completely perfect. precisely perfect. i love to make books but this kind of precision is absolutely beyond me, so in choosing to work with this genius of a talented soul, i either a.) have no pride b.) have a very small ego c.) am crazy d.) totally love journal art and don't care how bad my own book looks. well, of course a and b are out (!!!), so it's c and d all the way... i'm sooo delighted to be doing this with karin.

this is my book about halfway through. we're using 140# hot press watercolor paper. this met both our criteria for a paper that we like to work on.

a little further...

the finished book minus the covers. this is karin's design and we chose it for several reasons, most of which have to do with the fact that it gives us lots of room to mess around. we can add lots of stuff to it without the spine busting loose, pocket pages will be easy, and cut out 'window pages' will also be easy. our basic guidelines are that we each do three pages before sending it off; we can alter each other's pages and the covers in any way, at any time; and there's no timeline. if one of us is done with our pages we'll hold onto the book until the other is ready.

the covers are a work in progress and will stay that way so that we can each add to them, paint on them, whatever...

this is the journal page i'm working on now. i've since drawn in the back of a torso (left handed) between the wings. i started to paint a lotus here and got about halfway through before i said 'enough of this precise painting!!'. out came the acrylic! precise is striking me as very boring right now!

i'm going to take a break from blogging for a while -- i don't know for how long. in less than two weeks i'm leaving to visit a friend in dallas, texas, so i may pop up from there. in the meantime, may we all

shine on...



  1. ooh, so I an hand you the travelogue baton. I am truly shining after a creative input AND a big buy up over at luminarte...thanks for the tip!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the process you and Karin are undertaking. I find it so useful to see how people create these beatiful objects. Your comments also confirmed for me that Karin really is a special creator. And I love 'your choice of perception'.

  3. This journal is going to be so cool Lynne! I can't wait to see it as it grows. What a wonderful collaboration!

    Have a great blogging break! I may be off for a few days also because I'll be in AZ! I bring my laptop and my journal so I sometimes do a little!

    See you soon!

    BTW.... love your painting!

  4. What a wonderful project for you to work with Karin, who is such a generous soul and as you said, a journal genius ! I am sure you will both learn some beautiful lessons from one another.

    Happy travels as you shine on, Lynne !

  5. That book

    Enjoy your time off...we'll miss you around here!

  6. Oh I love this journal. I can't do precise stuff either, so I just embrace "my way.", as you do. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with us. Happy break from blogging and I'll look forward to hearing from you when you return.

  7. So, so cool. I love Karin's work and the two of you together?! Wow, can't wait to see this progress!!!

  8. OMG....holy are amazing. That feather is divine. The books and

    Enjoy your journey.

  9. Hey Lynne, you are WAY too modest. your book is inspiring me - it' has turned out so gorgeous!! from my samples you've created a masterpiece and have got me goose bumpy with excitement!! I'll be getting my book completed soon and we'll be on our way!
    much love my friend,

  10. Hi Lynne,
    This is all very exciting stuff. Love your feather, books, pages, wings, I just love it all...your are amazing! Have a fantastic break...Jo xx

  11. will totally and completely miss you while you are gone, but wish you a delightfully soulful absence full of happy moments & safe travels ... thanks for sharing a bit of this incredible looking project! that book design is FANTASTIC!

  12. shine on Lynne Hoppe who makes me laugh so hard! your feather painting is just wonderful - this book project looks pretty amazing - see you when you pop up again! xxo

  13. grrl, here i am accepting the baton... as for the paints -- i think you'll love them. they're potent!

    curio, it's so nice to see you here, and you're very welcome for the pics of the book. and yes, karin *is* a special creator. : )

    manon, have a great time in arizona -- some warm weather will be a nice change! i'll keep checking in on you, even if i'm not posting here... xo

    i agree, kim... i feel that karin and i will learn a lot from each other. it's been a wonderful, honest friendship so far...

    hey my dear cynjon... i'll be checking in on ya. xo

    thank you leslie... i embrace 'my way' also. : )

    hi carmen, that makes two of us who love karin's work! happy days to you!

    hey karen, thank you, oh divine painter and maker of stuff!! i will enjoy my journey... and you too...

    much love back to you, karin...

    thank you, jo... i really do feel that *you're* the amazing one!

    thank you, michelle... i wish you delightfully soulfilled days too...

    jeane, well ya know i love to make you laugh... ; ) xo

  14. Your art, your books, your wall... all so inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely, recharging break :-)

  15. The books look wonderful! I just think collaboration is so much fun and inspiring.
    Hope you have wonderful travels and a restful break. I'll miss seeing your posts but I understand the need to reserve your creative juices at times.
    Shine on lovely artist.

  16. Yes, I agree with so the feather painting. I just liked seeing the whole process of making these books and working on pages...the whole collaberation thing!
    Enjoy your trip and blogging break!

  17. hello generous one.
    i hope you find your own inner rhythms overide all that is world, on your time off...

    its so good.

    thanks for your smiles to me.

    peace to you all the way back across the USA!!!

  18. just a plane ride... thank you so much! i always smile when i see you here!

    thank you, leanne, i'll do that! (have wonderful travels and a restful break, that is -- and shine on, hopefully ; )

    thanks kate!

    thank you, mary ann! i'm happy that i could share it with you...

    my dear m., thank you... so far my inner rhythms have been very happy in this break. it makes such a difference to go with the rhythms and not the 'shoulds'... xo

  19. I love the process in this collaborative journal (and I am especially loving the cover). What a clever design of Karin's too, allows you so much more freedom in your journalling.
    Those purple wings looks incredible, your torso with the left hand...cant wait to see that.
    Love that beautiful feather you have painted too.
    Will miss you...have a lovely break from blogging Lynne and look forward to seeing you when you return.

    Jacky xox

  20. Lynne! LYNNE!

    You have made me so happy. I'm about to leave on vaca, and my already-bound book turned into journal is not ready, and THIS looks so fab as to actually be Fab with Borax! Extra Stunning! I'm going to get to work on this NOW.

    Well, when I get home...

  21. Lynne, you and Karin working together. Please let me know just before the book is complete so that I can prepare my family for 'The Big Bang.'

    It is going to be amazing.

    You are so lovely and Karin is so lovely. How nice that two such pure hearts can collaborate.

    You and Karin are the best kind of souls there are and I think that this will be such a gift for not only both of you, but for the rest of us too.

    Have a nice holiday. Don't be gone to long.

    Love Renee

  22. Lynne, your collaboration with Carin is beautiful. That book is amazing.Good luck!

  23. Have a wonderful time in Texas Lynne... I know you will find beauty and inspiration! Your new book project looks incredible, and I love the pages you have worked on ... your art makes my eyes shine! Roxanne

  24. hi jacky, thank you for all of your nice words! yes, the book design is very cool... i think that once we start working in it, it'll prove itself worthy on many counts! xo

    happy vacation sweet chris! and do finish your book! you'll be so glad you did!!

    my dear renee, i will let you know just before the big bang occurs. you might want to put your sunglasses on and your earplugs in. ; ) xo

    thank you, b & w!

    hey roxanne! thank you, and i will have a good time in texas!

  25. I'm with you...leave the precise and specific work to the people who have fully developed left brains. That rules me OUT. I'll just buy their stuff, stand on a chair applauding them while I gleefully and very organically do my's to Both Paths.

  26. After seeing your post I'm interested in to make my own book! :)
    Hope you have wonderful time,but comeback soon.We missed you and your lovely posts!!!

  27. First of all Lynne enjoy your blogging vacation! This collaboration looks to be very special and I really look forward to seeing it in progress. Cool book structure too.

  28. lol, lisa! left brain? what's that?! seriously, here's to both paths... : ) xo

    thank you, parisa! if you make a book it will be lovely, i know...

    thanks, seth... and yeah, i think this book format will prove to be very cool...

  29. "Your choice of perception" really hits the spot Lynne. Great work, my friend!

  30. thank you Lynne for the birthday wishes. I could totally feel the hug.


  31. This is wonderful, you do yourself an injustice, it looks very professional. Love the covers. Enjoy the journey.

  32. hey lynne!!! i can't believe that i found you again...and by pure accident! i have often wondered what you've been up to and now i can keep up with ya. ;) :D your journal is looking fabulous my friend!!!


  33. just a reminder :)

    if in texas, & you get lost inside a ten gallon cowboy hat... just tip yourself over & crawl on out...! :)

    hope you are "off the map" inside yourself...

    miss ya

  34. Hi
    So much energy into your work. Thanks for sharing the process, it is a great project. Keep up the good work.

  35. Wah wah wah. Where are you?

    Love Renee xoxo

  36. Just popping by to say I hope you are enjoying your vacation in Dallas and your blogging break (we do miss you though).

    Take care and enjoy your time away.

    Jacky xox

  37. I love the painting at the top with the feather.
    Have a beautiful day :-)

  38. this makes me so happy!!! i will have to get my collaborative book out that karin and i worked on years ago and scan some pages for my blog... your artwork is beautiful - no need to feel inferior to anyone:) just play, have fun, learn from each other and let go of the results.... which is easier said than done!
    peace and a big hug for your ego;)

  39. goodness gracious it looks delicious. and i am right there with you on the lack of a need for perfection. imperfection is ever so much more intriguing.