Wednesday, August 24, 2011

untitled ~ casein paint, oil pastels, and colored pencil on plaster

whew! i went out of town for five days and figured i'd be able to get a post in while i was gone... nope!

so this is another plaster piece; i worked right on the plaster - no gel medium on the surface first, and i realized this is the way that i want to work on plaster from now on. this is the second image that i did on this surface. the first time i added wax and then didn't like it, so i scraped not only the wax off, but also the top layer of plaster. not an easy thing to do. the more you scrape, the harder the plaster gets. it's like a kind of burnishing, which seems to have all kinds of potential for making a really durable and hard surface.

it's on a piece of wood about the size of my hand... i loved that the wood was so sturdy, and could handle the pressure i applied when carving and scraping the plaster.

thank you all for your kind words about last week's plaster!

alrighty, now i'm gonna do a little blog visiting...

and, i just discovered that lynda barry has a tumblr ...

* * *

renoir ~ self portrait

“I think I’m beginning to learn something about it”

Last words about painting, age 78…

~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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  1. It must be thrilling making all these discoveries as you go along. The joy of creating art! Love this new piece and I loved seeing you on the cover of Seth's book!

  2. gorgeous..i love this precious little tablet x

  3. I love this -- plaster on wood - very cool! I like how her 'third eye' is slightly off center! And I also loved seeing your work on Seth's book cover.

  4. Wonderful piece. Great pic with you holding 'untitled' in your hand.

  5. I agree, great to see your work on seths cover... nice nice nice...
    your plaster is wonderful, i adore the foot in the corner, I used to draw feet and used it as the end of each drawing when I was a child... so it brought a smile to my face...
    tumblr... oh my oh my...

  6. I appreciate the more calligraphic look of this piece, and feel you are making a breakthrough to a new place in your work. Exciting times!

  7. Oh, this are precious pieces, Miss Lynne. Ones that you may just need to share. Tablets with stuff to tell us, I think...
    Just home myself.
    Looking forward to art play...
    Sending love...

  8. I like this almost deconstructed face--this piece has a mysterious, hieroglyphical (can't spell today!) feeling to it.

  9. Your work neve ceases to impress - especially your recent work straight on the plaster...creating even more mood around these characters!

  10. love all the fun you are having with the plaster..... Congrats on the your part in the book. Cant wait to see it!

  11. This piece is fabulous. I love the idea of the burnished plaster on wood.

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

  12. An amazing piece Lynne! I really like your white palette. The plaster pieces are intriguing to behold. Do you put a hanger on the back so you can gaze at it from across the room and remember the fun you had making it?

  13. These plaster pieces are amazing, Lynne! Just so you know, i don't have much time comment since school started, but I still look. :)