Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'the angel sender' ~ watercolors, gouache, graphite, oil pastels, sari silk, and casein paint in 'the merry men'

so here i am, working in 'the merry men', by robert louis stevenson. i adore this book... i know, i adored the milton book, too, but i might adore this one a little more, ha!

a very poor picture of it

it's bigger - almost 5" x 7", and i like that. the paper isn't as strong, though, so i'm putting a thin layer of matte gel medium on the page before i start drawing.

the main things that i'm doing differently in this book is that i'm only painting on the front side of the page, and i'm not adding any pogo prints or anything else. it's going to be a book of just paintings. one of the best things about this is that i won't have to take out so many pages to accomodate the thickness of the pogo prints. i haven't decided where i'll stick them yet...

i got the cotton cloth tape here... it is good, strong stuff - with a natural rubber adhesive backing.

* * *

“All the music already exists somewhere. Artists are only the people who translate it… There is a creative force we’re part of. Look, this here is called reality. Ok? This is three-dimensional and this exists. But there are also other worlds, worlds I don’t have to create, but who I can hear. And that I try to translate. In those worlds I live too. Everybody can. But what happens sometimes is that some artists are getting confused and think they create it all themselves. They're getting drunk on that. And then you’ve got a problem. Then people die from drugs. Cause when you’re a translator and you begin to think that everything is coming out of you, then you’re getting burnt alive. You won’t make it.”

~ Tori Amos, Oor magazine, via tumblr



  1. Your ' angel sender' is so wonderful .... and the material on the right has such a beautiful colour. It looks wonderfully delicate !!

  2. lovely painting and interesting quote...i like that idea that we are translators x I'm off to follow that link to the the gorgeous jewellery again :)

  3. Looks like a vintage dolly, beautiful!

  4. Awe....the *angel sender* is terrific, Lynne!! Love your process in the book!!! So exciting!!!

  5. hello dear lady,
    this piece reminds me of my grandmother, they look a bit a like. it really is lovely.

    so fun to feel your excitement over your new book. amazing that you have filled a book, i love how you love to make art.....

  6. Lynne I enlarged this because the hair looked so real, so nimbus-ly I wanted to see it closer, then I was hit with those eyes.
    Lots of pathos there....

  7. Tori Amos speaks the truth.

    Angel sender touches me - a couple of my closest artist friends are breast cancer survivors, and she makes me think of them. love, sus

  8. the angel sender is very lovely, and so is your new book. I love that this one is just for paintings, so your have to get another for your pogo prints and collages, right? Have a beautiful day, walking and painting, dip your feet into the creek for me! roxanne

  9. Another beautiful visitor. The Tori Amos quote is a truth we all need to remember. This book is off to a glorious beginning with these ethereal beauties.
    Where did you put that tape? Did you have to reinforce this book?

  10. Where is the Angel Sender sending her angels today ? So many are needed, she must be tired. Luckily, she is surrounded by Merrymen to keep her strong.
    I love you and your Artist Heart.
    Happy Friday.

  11. The angel sender is beauteous- are you sure she's not the angel? She's so ethereal, she's almost not here, in this world. Lovely eyes, too! The book looks like a good one to play in. I'm never sure what paper is best when it comes to old book pages- it seems the cool-looking papers are crumbly, but the more slick-surfaced ones don't look as old... The quote is quite interesting, too; I'll have to think on it.