Wednesday, May 26, 2010

no order

'leda' - acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, inktense pencils, matte gel medium on plaster cloth

i've been thinking about how there is no order of satisfaction when it comes to creating. well at least when it comes to the things i'm doing now... i felt so happy when 'leda' was done,

colored pencils in moleskine pocket sketchbook

and equally as happy when i did this page in my moleskine a few hours later. i worked on one on and off all evening, with repeated cycles of elation and frustration. the other was done in about 30 minutes, just sitting quietly writing and coloring with colored pencils.

i find this amazing... really.

i'm just tickled when i do something as simple as glue this picture from the hundertwasser calender in the moleskine.

or redo something that wasn't making my eyes smile....

it's all just pure delight in the end.

* * *

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."

Dr. Seuss, at L.K. Thayer's Poetry Juice Bar



  1. Lynne I can see you get so much satisfaction from your moleskin journal (I know I do too...I love it!!!!). All our favourite scraps and bits, stuck in to admire. Little scribbles and doodles...nice to remember.
    Love the gorgeous red hair of Leda and that fabulous Dr. Seuss quote (he hee... I will write that in my journal).
    Love the chair with the Hundertwasser image...I thought you had painted that!

    Enjoy your week.

    Jacky xox

  2. oh no, is Leda crying? I hope she's okay.
    And I'm loving the pinks & reds. Is that your new turquoise green in the re-done Regina face? Very nice, except, maybe it's me but this face looks sad too.
    I think I need to go look at the baby geese & smile like a fool.
    Happy days,

  3. LH, yes you are right, it is satisfaction in the end!

  4. Ahhhh, that wonderful process of letting the Soul Artist wander...nothing better in this world,... except for Love and Loving...and that is a part of it anyway...
    Big Love to the You You Are, Lynne.

  5. Inspiring always. :)

    I find myself jumping about from one creative thing to another myself. I find creativity so interesting. Love that Dr Suess

  6. oh yes! and Dr. Seuss too!! thanks for this light hearted and happy post! your redo is wonderful and i love how you put Leda in your Moleskine, and worked her beauty in with your drawing. got any warmth there yet?? xo

  7. You are such an inspiration Lynne! I love that quote by Dr. Seuss and I so enjoy your work....when I see it I smile inside!
    Cynthia xo

  8. Nothing in the world nicer than PLAY. :)Bea

  9. These make my eyes smile. :)

  10. jacky, i sure *do* get a lot of delight from my little moleskine. i should take a pic of the cover - i taped a hundertwasser face to it. it makes me love it more than ever. : )

    joanie, i don't think leda is crying, just pondering... she's a fragile being, so i think she ponders a lot. the turquoise green was left on the page from the original image... oh no! i hope he's not making you sad! i don't think that i think of these faces as sad or happy (except in extreme cases when one is really smiling). i don't think i would like to draw something that made me sad, but i can see how some might think they're sad... okay, now go look at the baby geese. ; ) xo

    smiles to you, janine! hey, last night i started doing 'zentangles', inspired by you. xo

    lol, Big Heart, you're right. Love is part of it. i like the thought of soul art wandering. that's so nice, isn't it? xo

    yes, patti, that's it. creativity is so interesting - in all it's varied forms. i used to think that one day i'd find the perfect journal, one that satisfied all of my drawing/painting needs! ha! now i know i need more than one book...

    thanks, cat... : ) no, no warmth here yet. how about you? i am trying to have a good, accepting attitude about it, but without much success some days!!

    oh thank you, cynthia, you are so kind and making me smile a big smile of gratitude... : )

    yes, bea!

    thanks, julie... : )

    heya tammie... and i yours... : )

  11. Lynne

    I LOVE these sad faces. There is so MUCH in their expressions. I can imagine whole lives behind these lines and colour.

  12. Ooooh! Love your Moleskin pages and the faces!! Dr. Seuss rocks!!

  13. there are many delights to be found in your no order Lynne!
    xox k

  14. Thinking of you sitting around working on these over a period of time makes me think of just how much time I seem to waste. But, it is wise to rest when it is needed, go to bed when it is time, and not fret about not having enough time in the day. I am trying to appreciate the smaller things that I am shown and given and not wish them all away because "I wish I was...". Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Sometimes creative circle cycles fast, sometimes slow ... sometimes it has to wait til another time, and often never connects. Such is the creative flux! Here's to the slipstream! -j

  16. Lovely work, lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

  17. i think this is a brilliant post!
    levels or orders of have been thinking about joy in this way for years, what is (are) joy's fluxuation points, the arch of joy's rise and fall--like pressing the footpedal of a great car on a winding road and the windows open on a beautiful crisp autumn day, fast faster-- then you step out, rest under the silent half hoovering leaf strewn world of great old trees, listening to the settlement of objects, the random bird moving through the leaves, the rustle, the scent of mulching possibilities... so many kinds of quiets, too.

    Leda is Georgeous, up close on the ipod i saw her earlier, the scratches on one side, that bit of green in the corner, the use of black; such emotion in her whole posture. *has she been abducted once, the name makes me ask, and i look closer too.

    that poem. I needed it, too!

    thanks for making me smile; blessings and exo's in all the molecules of you and your art room and i send up some warm... it is hot. (yest i put the a/c on to get some of the heat out of the house till the wind opened up...

  18. loani, thank you! as i've already written, i appreciate that...

    hey manon, thank you, and yeah, dr. seuss rocks. (can't believe i misspelled his name in the moleskine. he was one of the first authors i read - you'd think i'd know how to spell his name by now. ; )

    thank you, karin!

    teri, i think that is the highest wisdom - to rest when tired, 'do' when motivated... i am reminding myself of this over and over. there seems to be no wiggle room around it these days. now is the time to listen and Pay Attention... xo

    lol, jayne, yes, here's to the slipstream! and to all the other flows and non flows - as they may occur...

    thank you, dayna. it's been a joy having you here today... : )

    m., you are reminding me of henry and lawrence d.!! yes, yes, this is it. you have gotten it entirely!

    i think leda may well have been abducted at one time. she can transcend, that much i know for sure...

    oh yes, the molecules of me and the art room (they are receiving your sent xo exoblessings) - walker percy refers to the 'molecular wind'... i always feel like i can see the molecules in the wind as i read this. what a wind it is!!

    exoblessed molecular wind! already everywhere of course!!

  19. A smile within gusts and gust of molecular winds. ! Two smilles. World of smiles (they just can not help smiling) !


  20. It doesn't get any better than pure delight.

  21. Pure delight and quiet contentedness ....I feel it reading this post. I loved looking at Leda close up and Leda's journal page makes me smile.

  22. Both the quotes here are beautiful to me, especially Carl Sandburg's words on poetry. And "today you are you" is something I might use on my classroom wall for the children to never forget...
    Leda to me is full of michief and and thoughts of new adventures.
    And your re-do makes me smile! Sending love and a sunny day! roxanne

  23. The Dr Seuss quote is like the wisdom of Pooh..

    thanks for that..

  24. Yes, the satisfaction of creating after overcome some frustrations. And then you sit down and look at what've done and can't stop smiling, right?
    leda is great and i love it you paint on plaster cloth. I love the structure of it.

    Tnx for dr. Seuss (don't know his work), making me smile even more.

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