Sunday, May 23, 2010

flowers everywhere

colored pencils in moleskine sketchbook

hat man in oregon... whew! what a trip he had - he's just now feeling rested up!

one of the roads that i took to salem was rt. 58, which goes through the willamette national forest, past high mountain lakes and fast moving creeks. i stopped to gaze at the wondrousness of it all many times on the way up...

a totem pole in a park in oakridge, oregon, the last of my stops before getting on I-5 near eugene.

i saw so many incredible flowers every day that i was gone. the two that always stopped me in my tracks were the lavender roses

and the orange azaleas. i mean really...

i brought this chair back for my art table... i think it was a piano stool at one time - it swivels!

and these... i was absent mindedly feeling the softness of a pillowcase in a vintage/antique shop when a lightbulb went off - here was the perfect fabric for journal making! it's so soft and so fine, like the finest egyptian cotton or brushed sheeting. my next books will be made with these...

i went here , where i got this eraser, some yupo 'paper', and a turquoise green oil pastel. this eraser is *the best*! the main thing that i love erasers for is lifting and blending, and this one is great for that, as well as completely removing pencil lines.

i worked in my moleskine when i had a chance...

this was on a postcard that i found in the art store. oh! i'd love to touch this sculpture! michele's website is here.

since i've been back i've been slowly starting to work in regina... i added plaster cloth to the page on the left (regina is on the back of this page).

this is an image transfer from one of my photos - i used my new inktense pencils for all of the color here. i'm just learning how to use them, but i can see right off the bat that they have great potential for coloring/tinting image transfers. once they're dry the color really is permanent so you can brush gel medium (or whatever) right over them.

thank you everyone for your kind comments in my last post!

* * *
"There are flowers everywhere for those who wish to see them."

~Henri Matisse



  1. thank you again for another wonderful journey.. i travel with you in spirit.. will send you a message soon as crystals and prayers have been sent around the world.. blessings pure light..

  2. Sounds like quite a trip... you and the hatman are hopefully well rested by now!
    Thanks for sharing the photos from your journey, that totem in the woods is wonderful and those flowers...especially that lavender rose (did it have a lovely scent also?).
    More wonderful journal pages. I love seeing your drawings amid the bits and pieces collected on your trip, the wonderful, textural pages and your new finds!!!!
    Lucky me...I received 20 new caran dache crayons from my sister on the weekend. The art shop near her is selling out of them and they were $1 each...what a bargain (sad they are selling out of them though...they are my most used art product I think).
    Welcome home Lynne.

    Jacky xox

  3. Thanks for the great posting.
    The Regina pages are totally, wonderfully gorgeous!
    Happy days,
    ps ORANGE azalea rock!

  4. awesome quote! so very true! love your image transfer reminds me of Kuan Yin... and the pillow cases are brilliant, I have been using them and old runners to make my new jewelry... upcycling is soo good!! and your stool is just fab, looks nice and soft too and in such great shape!! thanks for stopping by the studio tour!! xoxox

  5. Well, it's good to have you back. Loved the photos, loved seeing what you have been working on and your new tools, equipment and of course that cool chair. :)Bea

  6. Flowers and hats were in my art world this weekend too ! That is a favorite quote of mine as well.

    The pages are so wonderful. Regina must be thrilled.

    Enjoy your many treasure ! Big Love to you !

  7. i love love is all there is

    what else is there to say?


  8. What a wonderful journey you had...your photos are so of my favorites was the totem pole...I love totem poles! Oregon is a most beautiful place, I know, as I live in Sandy, OR, just outside Portland....

  9. I know your lavender rose has wonderful scent because I could smell it when I viewed the picture! I have a rose that might be the same one although it isn't blooming yet. Lagerfeld is its name. I was afraid I had lost it in the unusually cold winter we had but I just went out and checked, it is doing just fine. I was in Salem the same time you were, I guess! Too bad we couldn't have met. I'm loving Regina and your image transfer. I will watch for further developments. I'm always purchasing old sheets at garage sales, they are wonderful to work with, so washed out soft.

  10. Hey great trip photos! thanks for shareing your trip and your journal thoughts an pictures. I love it when you add flowers to your faces

  11. Ooooh, those lavendar roses! Luscious!

    I love the image transfer at the's like a Green Tara combined with a woodland nymph!

  12. It looks as though you had a wonderful trip! I love all the tales and details in this post. I love that eraser too. A swiveling chair is grand and purple roses are one of my fav too! Welcome home.

  13. I love those erasers!!

    I haven't worked in pastels but am using the neocolorII crayons like a starving woman.

    What a transfer! You keep being groovy.

  14. hi dear viv... been thinking about you... sending blessings right back to ya...

    hi jacky, thank you for the warm welcome home... yes, i think hat man and i are pretty much rested up - it takes a while! i'm smiling that you got more caran d'ache crayons! oh, the lavender rose - yes, the scent was strong and lovely. believe me, i stood there and inhaled deeply!! i love what you're going these days - was by your place earlier but will go back and leave a comment... xo

    ah joanie, thank you about the regina pages. they didn't seem to look too good here on the screen to me, so i'm glad you could see the goodness in them. : ) (orange azaleas forever!)

    hi cat, you're right, it's kwan (kuan?) yin... thought about you when i was doing it; your image transfers are so brilliant. i think you'd love the intense pencils for tinting them. and i agree, upcycling is sooo good! xo

    waving to ya, bea... yeah, the chair is sweet, isn't it? : ) xo

    big love to you, Big Heart... as for regina, well all i know is i'm thrilled to be working in her... : )

    m.. i think that nothing more need be said. XOBLessings...

    thank you, cynthia... oh i do love totem poles too. i thought it was so great that they had one in a town park! it's the lovliest park if you're ever down that way. yes, oregon is a most beautiful place. : )

    jan, old sheets - what a wonderful idea! old pillowcases are fabulous, but a whole entire sheet - wow! i hadn't thought about them but now i am... i can't remember what this rose was called, but lagerfield rings a bell. this was in a rose garden at willamette u., near the capitol building. there was one other lavender rose too. i looked at a lot of the names. some of them are so interesting. and i'm sure i can smell it too when i look at it on the screen. : ) in person it was very fragrant. the next time i go to salem i'll let you know... maybe we can get together... xo

    hi lori, thank you! lol, i love it when flowers show up with the faces too. : )

    hey judah! hee, well that's perfect because she is kwan yin (but green tara works) living here in the woods... love to ya!

    thank you, tammie! staedtler erasers, lavender roses, and swivel chairs - such abundance,eh? : )

    thank you so much skizo...

    chris, you already know about these erasers?! i could be the ambassador to the world for these erasers. this would, of course, be in addition to my other diplomatic duties as colored pencil and cover-up-your-bad-art ambassador to the world. ; ) xo

  15. Damn girl! You've been having FAR too much fun! Look at all that new stuff and all that great colour and....


  16. Lynne,
    I am so happy I found you today, even though you are on my List of people I follow, i just found you now! Love everything you are doing.. so magical and yet, has a statement of its very own.
    It is so YOU.
    Hugs, Darlene

  17. Welcome home. Always great to see you incredible journals and moleskines. And thanks for the beautiful tour of nature here too.

  18. You are getting such great color out of those Inktense pencils. I love them too and am not quite sure what to do with them, so I eagerly await your discoveries!

  19. This is too strange! I found your blog through La Dolce Vita where there was a link to your blog. Then as I'm scrolling through, reading and looking at your visually beautiful images, I read about your trip to Oregon. I live in Oregon (part time in Salem and part time in Portland). I see you stopped at our lovely art store in Salem (the Art Department) and then I see you picked up a show card for Michelle and crazily, she had a show at Guardino Gallery just this past month and my husband bought one of her smaller pieces! Amazing how inner connected we all are.

  20. Hi Lynne, I just have to comment here, That chair looks so comfortable!...julia