Friday, May 14, 2010

hat man

inktense pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paint, matte gel medium on muslin

these men with hats are awfully nice to draw... and they seem so somehow solid, don't they? the inktense bird is underneath him - i ordered about 25 more colors yesterday from dick blick. they're reasonably priced online, only $1.21 each. ha! now i need a case for them! maybe i should call 1 - 800 - 4CP - HELP. ; )

by the time this goes up i'll be in oregon, visiting friends. i'm taking my pocket moleskine, colored pencils and a glue stick. that oughta hold me for a few days...

the sun is shining!



  1. I can't wait to see what you draw in Oregon. Have fun visiting your buddies. :)Bea

  2. I am glad you packed the essentials!!! Have a great time in Oregon with your trip Lynne.

    Jacky xox

    Love the man in the hat.

  3. I love your man with his hat,I love all of your faces,so original. Hope you have a fun trip.

  4. your faces are so unique - love the bird behind this one
    I really LOVE the one green eye
    I've yet to try inktense - but I'm sure they'll join my stash sometime

  5. How fun! Hat Man that man...great job!

  6. Hatman is great! Love the bird showing through. Enjoy your trip.


  7. Let me just say. Henry would want your faces. I can guarantee this by my heart ears eyes and mind.

    Have lovely weather. Have pni. Hope u have wonderful visit with friends. Blessings.

    Love the one bright green eye. A strange balance ensues. Xo

  8. He is lovely. Happy travelling and happy playing with your new pens xJ

  9. I adore my Inktense pencils!! You and I would have fun going to Blick'! Love the piece!! Love them all!!

  10. Have a great time in Oregon! I love these men in hats too :O)...they invite us all to reach out and smile ....Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. Yea, traveling with art supplies, sun shinning and your art is wonderful. I like the layers. I had never heard of these pencils something new to try, thank you!

  12. we got sun too, and if you got sun, then that means continued sun for me!! have fun in Oregon! love your inktense man with the bird soul... awesome as always, safe travel dear friend... c4n xoxo

  13. I'm going to have to look into inktense now. I think I need a new studio! Or at least more storage space.

    Have a great time in Oregon!


  14. Hope you are enjoying the trip. Looking forward to more hat guys when you return.

  15. you are funny! i love ordering new colors.

    this is NICE. I like it a lot.

    Have a great trip!

  16. Hat man made me think of Men Without Hats which made me think of Safety Dance - I loved that song! sorry, I digress. Hope your trip is lovely and creative and fun. We need to catch up and must absolutely do so after the 1st when I get back. jusqu'à mon retour ... être bien!

  17. I missed this post, didn't know you were coming to Oregon. Oh well, I'm sure you had more to do than you had time for. I love Hat Man and that inktense eye!

  18. When I was a kid, the

    kids all ahd derwent color pencils. Some had the deluxe wooden box of 32.

    I craved a set.

    Then as a grown up
    I learned that Derwent had sold to another company and their fabulous pencils were not as fabulous. Corners cut, the wood didnt feel right.

    Now I see the inktense pencils in that

    same wooden box, and my inner child

    just wants them!