Monday, November 3, 2008

she can sing the song...

of any bird

pages from my journal this weekend -- so happy to have mental and physical energy again! this is a photo of a shop sign in santa fe, taken by a friend on a recent trip.

and this is me at 11 years old, one of the many pics that i brought back from virginia. braces were a year away and not a minute too soon as far as i was concerned! i like this photo because i've got a genuine smile on my face and i dearly loved this dress -- in my mind's eye i can see the colors of it clearly. and the glasses -- have i ever had another pair this cool?!

i decided on saturday night that i wanted to try to paint it in my journal... i drew and painted it quickly so i couldn't get too perfectionistic about the whole thing.

well, the teeth don't stick out like they do in the pic, but i was happy with it -- definitely made my eyes smile...

then i cranked up the contrast, hue, and saturation in photoshop and printed out this version to put on the next page.

now i'm working on art cards to exchange at our art group gathering this weekend. how did 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" get so small?!! hmmmm... i pondered what on earth i could do in that amount of space. i looked back at some bookmarks i made last winter and in the process came across this...

common mental weeds... heh, yeah i know those villains.

the weather's turned cold and rainy. the usually adventurous amelia has turned into a bona fide house cat. i'm delighted... i get to hug, pet, talk to and just generally throw myself at her day and night now.

i took the background out from behind

and otherwise messed around with this buddha in photoshop this weekend... i'm putting them here in case you'd like to grab them (right click and save on a pc). i have several of them currently reclining near the colorful version of me in my journal...


  1. I LOVE your self portrait!!!!

    What a cutie!!!!!

  2. How bloody brave are you for posting that photo...great idea for a swap.. And the chick with the bandit mask gets my have been very creative on the weekend.

  3. thank you, kelly!

    grrl, yes, i-r-brave these days. ; )

  4. Oh to have those glasses again. they are amazing! And I love the bird girl of course. She is fabulous.

  5. I absolutely love the self portrait you painted from your little girl photo (and may I say, the glasses are to die for) - those are the eyes that are in all of your journal girls! and the weeds!, oh, yes, the weeds!

  6. Wow Lynne, you have been so creative...I love all of this post!! The picture and painting you did of yourself are both so beautiful!! and you kitty... I also love the page with the gallery sign and your art card ideas... I just made one, is that right or should I have made 4 ? Roxanne

  7. Brilliant picture Lynne!
    Is she still around, sometimes, that little girl? Hope so.
    You're on a real roll with your creativity, send some of that energy across the pond will you....

  8. hi painter girl, thank you about bird girl -- i do love yours! those glasses... if they do come 'round again i'll give 'em a try for sure!

    hey jeane -- thank you! it sure was fun to paint - so much easier painting from a photo than painting someone in person. i may have found a new addiction.

    hi roxanne, ooohhhh! so we just have to paint one?! i thought we had to paint one for each person. shall we ask anna? surely she'll know... yeah, i like that sign page too -- very easy and quick, which is nice for a change.

    annette, yes, that little girl is alive and well. i've chosen the path less traveled so she could survive. : )

  9. That self portrait is wonderful and the eyes are smiling in true Lynne fashion. Love it a lot!

  10. Lynne, I forgot to say .... What a fab cat!
    Oh, and I'm glad the little girl is alive and well ... your choice was wise.

  11. I think you did an awesome job with the teeth!

    The best sketches are done quickly.

    You sure have fun with your computer :-)

  12. YOu are so creative!!! I love seeing what you are doing!
    Happy election day!

  13. hey robyn! you know, i was amazed at how easy it was to do the eyes looking at a photo. the other interesting thing was how high the eyes were in the glasses -- i would never have thought that they'd be so near the top of the frames...

    oh annette, this kitty is my dear friend... she's had quite the life -- i think she's lived 5 of her 9 lives and she's just 5 years old.

    thank you so much karen -- sketcher extraordinaire!

    this sketching is quite addictive... i'd like to do more -- working quickly of course!

    hi caroline! always so happy to see you here! happy election day to you too!

  14. Great journal're right, they were very "cool" glasses.
    Your self portrait is fantastic and you certainly did capture the smiling eyes.
    Love those weeds too, the captions are great.

  15. hey jacky! i could have sworn that i already responded to your comment, but i guess not! those weeds were in last winter's journal -- and i've still got my eye out for them. ; )

  16. You are right, the glasses ARE cool - I had a very similar pair in elementary school - white w/silver sparkles! Love the slef portrait!!