Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november 5, 2008

here's to the joy that so many of us feel on this day... pure joy and unabashed relief that the winds have shifted, the times they are a changin'.

my joy is tempered, however, by the fact that prop 8 banning same-sex marriage was passed here in california. but onward, i say. one day all humans will surely have equal rights; rights that will not be withheld because of the fear, or moral and religious beliefs of others. i hold a candle for that day...

sam cooke

a change is gonna come


  1. Mind boggling to me that Californians care more about chickens that they will soon eat than same sex couples. Today I am disgusted.

  2. Wow I thought it was legal in California.. didnt "captain sulu" from Star Trek marry his long time partner at the age of 73? I was in San Fran at the time, staying in the Castro and read all about it. Shame!

  3. well...

    over here in Vermont...

    civil union

    and Mass....

    xox - eb.

  4. hey julie, yes, mind boggling for sure... although as a vegetarian i'm very happy that the health and welfare of animals will now be taken into consideration. that much is good -- the rest mind boggling!

    grrl, it was legal for a while -- after the california supreme court decision last may. then a measure to ban same-sex marriage (and also to make the ban part of the california constitution) was put on the november ballot. that's what was approved in yesterday's election.

    hi e.b., yes, same-sex couples still have the option of civil union here... that much is good!

  5. Very uplifting image Lynne... looking upwards and onwards.

  6. yey! Hope indeed. Maybe one day everyone will live and let live. Love the artwork :o)

  7. I though Massachusetts took that away, too...

    love that song! Just listened to Otis Redding version, too;

    It is amazing, this election; afraid I saw a lot of racism and sexism and media/language abuse rise up here, i feel like we are celebrating a small token thing when the real ugliness is still sitting curdling under the risen cream... here (maybe i need to get out of the South)...

    Thanks for that beautiful song, and you!

  8. yes, jacky, upwards and onward...

    hi kate... thanks about the artwork, and yes, someday!!

    thank you, karen...

    hey mansuetude... i'm not sure about massachusetts -- surely they didn't!

    oh my, i just went to youtube and listened to otis' version... my body immediately exploded with chills!

    oh, i so agree with you about the media abuses and also about the real raw stuff still simmering underneath. as someone who's lived in virgina and eastern north carolina, i can say unequivocally that it's easier not living in the south. : O

    thanks for otis' version, and you!

  9. i needed to hear that!

    thank you thank you thank you... ahhhh!

  10. uh huh, yeah, that's me smiling and saying 'you're welcome'...

    : )

  11. We're jumping for joy over here too Lynne, we feel the change in the air.
    Love your painting and your journal pages in the earlier posts are fabulous.

  12. ...gotta hang on to "H O P E"

    Love the song... :) and your art :)

  13. hi ro, it's wonderful that people all over the world are jumping for joy -- it makes me feel even more joyful! thank you for your nice words!

    jo, i'm going to take it a step further and T R U S T that the day isn't far off... and in the meantime, practice being here NOW. : )

    i'm glad you enjoyed the song -- love that sam cooke.