Friday, October 31, 2008

emerge from woods

these words were cut from my father's "guide to the applachian trail in central and southwestern virginia" -- he was my biggest teacher about the natural world and he loved to hike the appalachian trail. i brought this book plus a bunch of other old books, photos, buttons, etc. back with me from virginia...

these are the last pages that i painted before i came home. they look so crazy and even downright scary here on the screen, but not in person. no, in person they feel friendly... looking at them i remember many things that were happening on the days that i painted them. i smile, and feel very grateful for the act of painting.


  1. hi beadedlilly, thank you! i love to paint them...

  2. Lynne - I don't think they look scary at all - I think they look like a visual diary of yourself at that time - It's a fabulous record of a certain time in your life and one that may read even better down the road! I love the words of your father - especially 'ascend steadily' -

  3. hi jeane, oh yes, i agree... a visual diary of myself at the time, and one that may certainly be better read down the road.

  4. Lynne...This is why I'm so happy you are back!!! Your faces each tell a story to me...I love them.

    Beautiful words and the connection to your special.
    I am grateful you can paint too...:)

  5. It all harmonizes.

    I have been juggling the words. Whichever way round I read them, they make sense. I have put them on paper.

    I love old buttons, old book, photos, you must be drowning in the energy!

    You know the word verification part of the blogger comments pages? Well I am having to type "plothers" to get this through. I like it!

  6. Painting helps an artist in the mind and soul - great stuff.

  7. thank you, jo! i love that we can create and tell stories with our creations!

    jo, you have given me a big smile! somehow 'plothers' is perfect!!

    i'm happy that i brought so much of the old with me -- it will be saved, used, or given away to other artists to have a new life... i like that...

    arnold, you have hit the nail on the head precisely. thank you!

  8. there is so much emotion in them and each has a soul of its own... love what you write (am i allowed to read what is written on them) about what comes in the outer world is part of the inner world... that magnetic self ... do we manifest each other or are we just calling by being?

    There is a lot of love for that tree that grows out of the mind, that is so part of my own image system... always.

    love the language you paste on it too... all embeded on top of itself, and encoding the silence with thinking... thanks

  9. Lynne, I just had to tell you a little thing - I spent the day at my sons today with my grandsons and I heard my self say, "ascend steadily" to one of them when they were having a rough time doing something - I can't remember right now - anyway, he turned to me and said, "ascend steadily? I like that grandma!" - I thought you would get a kick out of that -

  10. Lynne, not scarey at all. I love the chap with red balloons attached to his head. Definitely smileworthy.

  11. my dear mansuetude, of course you're allowed to read the words...

    you know, when i paint faces i paint and paint until they speak to me. and what they say has no words but it makes me smile inside. if i *did* say something back it'd be something like "uh huh, yeah, that's IT isn't it?!"

    oh my goodness you've asked a question i've asked many times. "do we manifest each other or are we just calling by being?" surely there is such a fine line there... i ponder this, yes i ponder this.

    and i like 'encoding the silence with thinking'. somehow encoding is the perfect word...

    jeane, this is making me smile -- thank you!!

    robyn, yes the chap with the ballons... lol! they make me smile too! i love this painting because it's the only one i did when i was at my mother's house so subsequently it's got all kinds of stuff going on!

    thank you, cynjon!!

  12. I think we are all ascending steadily... nd your pages are never scary.. my fave is the guy with the balloon hearts..

  13. grrl... yes, i think we all *are* ascending steadily. i suppose what i've kept an eye to so diligently in this lifetime is ascending as steadily and steeply as possible. ; )

  14. I've been thinking about your post because something you said struck a chord with me.
    When you look at a painting and it takes you back to where you were when you painted it, physically and mentally. I love that. It happens to me all the time.....
    A cardigan I knitted whilst I was ill, hand stitching I did on the beach in the sunshine ,even books I've read, when I pick them up I'm back in that place and time.
    Have I lost the plot completely,tell me dear Lynne?

  15. annette, you're all over the plot sweet woman!! yes, that's exactly how it seems to me. and not only am i right back there, my subconscious mind 'sees' so much more of what was happening at the time than my conscious mind...

    thank you, kate... do i have a style?!!

  16. Exceptional pages. I especially love the addition of the squares of text! Perfect touch.