Friday, April 5, 2013

gouache, colored pencils, acrylic paint, graphite and watercolors in stillman and birn 'zeta'

i went out of town and it's taking me a while to get back in the blogging/internet groove...    

the whole page ~ 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

before i left i got a stillman and birn 'zeta' in the mail...  it has 180# smooth paper in it, suitable for anything!  i've been layering the pages *way* up!

i've only done a few pages because i didn't paint while was gone, but so far i really, really like it.

the pages lay flat no matter how much stuff you put on them.  i've glued muslin and different weights of paper to them and used two to three layers of paint (at least) as well.

in my opinion the paper truly seems made for mixed media art...

this is what it looks like...

i was going to post this last night but realized i hadn't worked directly on the paper!  so this morning i drew a smudgy face and painted a watercolor flower.  wow, i really liked it!  unfortunately there wasn't any sun today so this is a very poor pic...

i also made a new book box because the other one's full.  i was patting myself on the back for doing such a good job when i turned the book over

and saw that i put the 'box' on the front cover instead of the back!  ha!  oh well, i'll just have to flip it around.  this book was sent to me by a blog reader...  : )

finally, this is what the piece i was working on in the last post turned out like.  she may have been better left alone, but, nah, i had to keep going...

* * *

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” 

~Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Oh my Lynne, so in love with this, that top page went right to my heart.


  2. Lynne,
    Love your work, but also had to mention the Nietzsche quote at the end of your post. So timely and relevant to me. My 90 year old mom, an artist, just passed away last week and I'm doing a Celebration of Life service for her next month at the art studio where she painted. Gratitude was at the core of her being, and this quote will be the perfect way to talk about her amazing spirit.
    Judith Henry

  3. Love the new work Lynne :) I love the colours you're using.

  4. Love all you are doing in the new sketchbook. Especially the top one. Ooops on the book box but could get OK with it too. And for the piece you finished up from the last post, well she is beautiful and I love all the texture and story. The only thing, I miss that sweet birdie.

  5. Another great post Lynne. Even with all this texture, your works here have all turned out so delicate. I adore the girl with the long flower braid and pink shirt. The muslin looks like faded blue jeans. I wrote the Stillman book down for future purchasing because my pages always buckle under all the wet stuff I put in it.

    Your oops box is still special just the way it is.


  6. I loved clicking on the photos to enlarge...I really like the muslin addition. Of course I love these pieces! I have to try something like this! Drooling!

  7. who knew that nietzsche was such a grateful guy? ok i have to get your paper... i need a substrate that will take more abuse... xoxo

  8. Lynne, These are all very smile making, but that first one made my heart sing as well.
    I am going the other way, using the thinnest possible paper for my drawings, but this paper looks lovely.

  9. Layering with muslin gives such a fabulous texture. Beautiful!

  10. the first two images really intrigue has to really look for what one is it there or imagined. a bit like our days - are they there or imagined. sometime the reality of reality is too real it has to be imagine. the relief of the layers is also more then just sitting on a page waiting to happen. x

  11. Hi Lynne,

    I love seeing all the details in your art when you click on the images. The last one really spoke to me.

    And finally the Stillman and Birn journal are filtering into Victoria. I got an Alpha first and yesterday I just got a Gamma. Now I am going to look for the Zeta.
    Thanks for the reviews on them.

    Cheers Patti

  12. my fortune told under the lucky star, and you have lifted it open ... love this language play!

    There is a delicate sense here, play, power, Spring, story. So nice to come over and visit.

  13. That journal looks amazing, I had wondered what you'd been up to....I had to smile about the book box, I've so done things like that...I'm sitting here absorbing your paintings, they remind me of spring somehow, like I'd find them sitting beside a stream or a river and I want to observe them in their natural habitat.

  14. That book sounds great! I like what you have shown here today-especially the blue skirt girl. It is interesting to hear about the book you are using. I have a new book on the go- a Fabriano journal-bought by chance in an art shop a while ago. It is quite small but thick and has alternating groups of cream coloured and yellowy coloured paper. The paper feels thin but, like yours, holds up well to being got wet and having loads of stuff glued onto it. I took note of your suggestion and have been enjoying collaging lots of pages in preparation for painting on them. I found my cassein paints the other day during a tidy up and am going to use them I think. I also found my gouache paints and will use those too. Thanks for your suggestion and the inspiration!

  15. Amazing work. I get so excited when I see your new posts in my inbox! You're definitely my fave! I'd love to take a class from you someday. :)

    Happy Spring,

    Sheila in Oregon

  16. You always amaze and inspire me! I love all of these images. So lovely, and so peaceful feeling. They have a stillness that is really beautiful!

  17. Love the first one Lynne and the Zeta would love to get one , you are always talking about your S&B Journals , thats Dion Dior's work on the cover .. and your last one shes perfect that tiny red feather shes up in the ranks i see lol re the box could u scan the box cover and glue it to the front of the box and maybe paintover the one that would become the back lol does that make sense lol
    hugz bev xoxo

  18. I'm loving your new girls especially the one with the curl coming out of her head and the one with the vine sprouting out her pony tail. Such lightness and whimsy!

    Always love the addition of paper bits.

    Happy weekend, Lynne.

  19. henriette, judith, and sheila,

    thank you *so much* for your words. i can't e-mail you my appreciation, so i'll say 'thank you' here...



  20. Lynne, I think that if all you had was a stick and some water you'd create something beautiful with them. xo Carole

  21. I'm fascinated by your layering Lynne, amazing effects, (thanks for the paper tip, i'll check if i can find it here)x

  22. Lynne - love these - the layering, the softness - each one feels deeply spiritual and full of whimsy at the same time and each with their own story to tell.

    Now I want a Zeta sketchbook . . . . on my wish list.

    Happy spring!

  23. You continue to dance with grace and soft colors....Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  24. Something in that first painting just pulls my heart strings... I'm going back to look at it. xoxo

  25. I am totally enchanted with your creativity. So charming, soft, subtle, warm, sweet, and all the adjectives that define happiness.

  26. Beautiful Lynne - always so beautiful. Love the layers, and so enjoyed my time slowly looking at each image in larger format. Lots of beauty.

  27. I love how delicate, yet complex, your layers look when you're finished. And that Nietzsche quote is perfect! :)