Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'beulah' ~ watercolors and goauche on canvas paper, 4" x 6"

well, i got sick after the last post....   and then i felt tired and generally lazy about doing a new post!   

i haven't painted much; the painting juju was just *gone*, but i think i feel it coming back around.

this is so you can have a good laugh...  : )

it's the page i showed in the last post testing out watercolors and colored pencils in the stillman and birn 'zeta'.   when i was sick i thought i'd add to what i started and this is the result.  nope, nope, don't ask me what i was thinking;  i'm chalking it up to excessive sneezing and nose blowing. as best i can figure something really strange is headed their way and they're not sure what to think.    even the people in the cloud are perplexed! 

i also painted this...  i was practicing drawing baby's heads, but i haven't drawn any since.  i may have scared myself off...

the other thing that happened last week was that i realized my trip to the east coast to visit my family is almost here.  for so long it was far away!  i had to think about getting ready, sending a package ahead so i can just do carry on.

one thing that i did was refill my small tube of white gouache.  i cut the bottom off of the small tube (scissors work), open it up and squirt in fresh gouache.  then i fold the bottom over again with a pair of small pliers.  this is the second time i've filled this tube, so it's getting short - hence only one fold on the bottom and a piece of metal tape over the edge to make sure no paint gets out.  this keeps the big tube fresh, which is helpful because they last a long time.  

otherwise i'm looking about eagerly for signs of spring ...

* * *

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  1. Lynne, what an excellent idea refilling the small tube. Now, why didn't I think of that! ;-D

  2. I love your idea of refilling the paint tube! I really prefer jars, so that I can get every drop of paint, but this is an excellent idea! :)

    I hope you feel 100% again soon. Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip, my friend.

  3. I like your baby heads -- even the perplexed ones! Aren't Richter's words encouraging. It's comforting to realize we all face uncertainty in our work.
    Have fun on on your trip.

  4. I'm glad to see your painting juju came back! I love the gentleness of your painting. Feel better soon!xx

  5. Lynne, Richter has it right! Doing my raven pieces are so much easier than my abstract ones! Because with the raven I have a starting point and I know where I am going, but it is nice to not know too, always a surprise :-). You made me laugh with your doll heads. Sorry you were sick, glad you are better. Hugs and love. xoxo

  6. P.S. I will miss you while you are gone. Have a wonderful trip. xoxo

  7. hello

    i am so glad that you are feeling better. being sick is no fun.

    your art is awesome to see, as always. i love the details, colors and characters you create.

    lovely trip to you!

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm feeling tired too and realize that I'll be traveling in 2 weeks... now that tube thing, I've cut them to get the rest of the paint out, but never thought of filling it, or how to close it again. So thank you!!! xoxo

  9. Glad you are back! Your top face reminds me of Modigliani. It's beautiful!

    And the Richter quote, I am smitten! Have you seen the movie with Richter painting? It's like the quote in action. Totally worth a watch!

  10. beulah's eyes are mesmerizing, love it,
    Richter says it so simply well,
    hope you are feeling well again and with juju :) x

  11. you never fail to make me smile Lynne, Beulah's got that look in her eyes, the kind that makes you step back and notice her in all her innocence but she's got secrets brewing, that one...I can see it. Your experiments remind me that it's just bet to get it all out on the paper, let it live it's life there rather than leaving it in your head, with thoughts like that scampering about unrestrained; who know what might happen :) Wishing you a sweet trip and happy that you beat the 'bug' I was starting to wonder if you'd decided on an extended blog leave cuz you don't stray very far from your art supplies very often; mystery solved. xxooxx

  12. Lynne! *healing* thoughts flying to you! My daughter has a small collection of broken and really crazy/scary/funny doll heads sitting in with her collection of vintage dishes/china in a cabinet. Her real children are scared of them. Lashes long gone, head crumpled with 'scars,' eyeballs skewed, hair if any, in tufts. I love these and my daughter adores these to bits. Your beautiful fabulous paintings remind me of these fabulous dolls. I love these paintings of yours the most. Because they enter into the electric pencil category; something beyond human control. Hope you are well soon, and I hope that if these crazy paintings are ever put up for sale that I won't miss out on them. Have a nice time travelling and hope you are well. Love Norma, xo

  13. So glad your mojo is returning, I had missed seeing your gorgeous little faces, speaking of which... babies! I can't paint or draw at all! You certainly can, in your own wonderfully charismatic style. I can relate to Richter,to turn out something proper and meaningful, I think everyone creating Art in all its forms wants that, and where there is determination there is hope. :) I hope

  14. Thank you, thank you for the Richter quote. We are deep into spring work, planting, germinating, etc. My studio has become the germination chamber so I am drooling over your work, envious of all who paint year round.
    Be well.

  15. Beulah is so serene...I had an Aunt Beulah growing up in KY and she had a Cocker spaniel who did not like children but I loved that dog. Beulah also wore a clear red lipstick whenever she answered the front door. It is funny how what I remember from my childhood. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  16. Your talent and ideas are much appreciated. Keep on…Currently working on 100 Faces.

  17. Beulah is bella. Love those rosy cheeks and piercing eyes. I think the mom and children are sweet. You rock at baby heads.

    I hope you have a marvelous time with your family!!! Stay well! xoxo

  18. Hi Lynne love Beulah and the second maybe its your subconscious thinking of your upcoming family visit lol have a great time ...sorry u have been sick and hope u are better for your trip , baby faces lol u might get news from someone .. autumn is good here in OZ sunny days and crisp nights perfect..
    hugz bev

  19. Love your artwork...a very nice visit!!

    Feel better soon!!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. Lynne your art work continues to inspire me! I understand about the JUJU missing mine comes and goes lately!!

  21. Hope you are on the mend and ready for your trip. Your work gets better and better by the minute, that baby head is perfect. But what I love most is the soul of the person painting, it just shines through.