Tuesday, September 8, 2009

thank you

i wanted to say thank you for your support of all of the muslin art i've been doing lately, so i made a Barely There Book to give away as a small way of saying thank you! for your kind words and encouragement.

the average page size is about 4" x 6", with some pages a little bigger and some a little smaller...

most of the pages have tabs on them like these, so you have the whole surface to work on. if you enlarge this pic you can see bits of paper here and there on the page; some of the pages have this from the drying process - i like it because it adds another element, but if you don't like this kind of thing, you probably won't like the book... then again, if you don't like this kind of thing you probably abandoned my blog long ago, hee!! the beads... i made some beads to go with it... something about the muslin's made me want to fire up my torch up again...

and a teeny tiny BTB to go with the bigger one. it's 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", for your pocket or purse (the pine needles are just propping the bead up)... kelly has a teeny tiny moleskin that she draws in, and that's where the idea came from.

if you'd like to have your name put in the hat for these books, just put the letters 'btb' at the end of your comment. and thank you, again! oh, and for some Barely There inspiration, have a look at what roxanne's done in hers...

last week i rearranged my art room to make room for the twinkling H2Os -- seriously, a hundred plus colors take up a lot of room! even though it looks messy it really is organized - all of my favorite stuff is within arm's reach. i think that even if i had a bigger room i'd still have everything crammed into a space this size so i could reach it without getting up!

"who me?"

i used watercolors more on this weeks pages...

and i've stopped drawing anything on the back side of the page because it messes with the oil pastels too much. so i just stick a piece of ripped up art from the 'rough muslin' book on the back side. i'm thinking about working on individual pieces of muslin after this book is done and putting them together once i get a stack...

this little guy's head was already on the page, i just added the body...

i drew this after listening to van morrison's 'tupelo honey' (she's an angel of the first degree)... love that song, and i liked everything about her except her face, which went from bad to overworked worst throughout the course of the day. i finally decided to get the manicuring scissors and cut her face out! then i put a piece of muslin from the 'rough muslin' book (i swear it's really coming in handy for as much as i didn't like it ; ) behind the opening and stitched around it. i like this idea of cutting out openings...

mail art that'll soon be on its way...

i saw this *way* up in a tree when i was out walking, so i sat down under it...

these are the only two pics of drawings on sticks from last week... i've been drawing faces for trees. i sit down next to a tree and draw the face that comes to me, and believe me, it's fun! i highly recommend it! i use prismacolor colored pencils because that's what i have, but i'm guessing that any kind will work. thank you for your nice words about my stick art!

i made a stash of tree flags to take to mt. shasta tomorrow... i used (mostly) oil pastels and a china marker. simple and waterproof... and of course there'll be sticks there...

this week's quote is truly an art quote! i think it's something that we all know, but i like to be reminded of it...

Contrast is everything. Color doesn't read until you put another color next to it. For example, when you place what you think is true red on a neutral background, the red looks warmer when you put crimson next to it. When you put red-orange next to the red, the red appears cooler. But if you place green beside red, both colors seem more intense. Every time you add a color to a composition, you change all the relationships.

Nita Leland in 'Confident Color'



  1. WOW you have been busy- I love your cloth books. They are just so wonderful. And the tree faces- your cup of creativity overflows. Thank you so much for sharing all this..... would love an opportunity to win.Thanks again. xoxo. btb.

  2. Your art inspires me. So very different from my harsh bright colours and hard surfaces - *sigh* YOU ARE INSPIRING!! (and I might just have to take my chinagraphs and oil pastels on the next walk in the park...)

    btb btb btb!

  3. These books you are working on Lynne are so magical, like fairy pages, that have that delicat translucent look to them as if they might dissapear in an instant.
    Thank you for sharing these with us. btb

  4. These paintings in your cloth books are quite magical and lovely! btb!

  5. Oh I'd love to come and help you with your tree flags up at Mt. Shasta. Such gorgeous, brilliant colours using the oils!
    Love your muslin pages..."who me?' is so cheeky, love these new little creatures.
    Your Barely There book is wonderful and those beads!!! Yummy! You do have hidden talents and the beads are a wonderful addition to your books, lovely way to personalise them even more.
    I am enjoying your quotes and writing a few of them in my current journal...thanks.

    Jacky xox

  6. Lynn, you are such an inspiration. THANK YOU for sharing so much with us. btb.

  7. OMG! These as usual are wonderful pages and photos! I will be holding my breath until you pick someone. What a giveaway it is like your giving gold away in my opinion! If I should not be selected I will envy the person who is but will also be very happy for them! lol!


  8. Oh, Lynne, you crate such beauty around you ! It was fun to see your space too. I know what you mean about having things close at hand. I think that is why I end up working in a 110 by 10 inch space in spite of the fact that my table is 8 feet long - need to get my tools close to me !
    Your tree gifts...so magical...and that you sit there, in their quiet, powerful energy to be inspired...beautiful.
    BTB !!!!

  9. Love the horned mouse... a lot!
    Your work delights me. btb


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    Hi Lynne,

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    Thanks again for your plug.



  11. Lynne,
    Why don't you hold a class where we can come and bask in the warmth of your creativity and love.. I am there, just let me know when! Love you!

  12. OH MY DEF. BTB
    BTB, BTB, BTB, BTB, BTB , BTB............guess that says it all uh?


  13. btb btb btb!!! wow - love your little books and paintings and well, just love everything in this post! i have been away from blog land for days and it is so nice to come back and be completely inspired to make art!!!
    you rock:)

  14. ooo what fun you seem to be having! your little pages are so delightful!! please count me in! btb!!


  15. Lynne, the other day, my sister was scrolling down the links on the side of my blog page and her eye was caught right away by one of your images so she had to look at your site right away and you now have another huge fan. Your workspace looks lovely: I have so many books lining the walls, there's hardly any room for art! Love all the new "creatures x
    p.s.I WANT ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!!!!BTB!!!!! Sigh, sob, sigh..p.p.s. I'm a huge Van fan and T.H. is a great Sunday morning album

  16. Happy I found your wonderful art filled blog. btb

  17. The creatures that emerge from your painting and drawing seem somehow the spirits from another world, or maybe a parallel one. I love your connection to nature and the way you infuse your spirit into the nature that surrounds you. Truly a joy.


  18. Your book looks great. I love the mouse.

    I dream of an art room/ studio space of my own. Instead everything seems to be over spilling into every room i the house...

    Your nature pictures are fabulous.


  19. do you think the angel is meant to maybe be faceless? to represent an aspect within that is without personal desire?

    Are u maybe becoming open to something shamantic out there? drawing faces for the trees?

    I was thinking yesterday that i really would love just to see that goat with the tie on a postcard, just to print him/her and see the wonder of it all.

    be raining in the flowers, forests and the pencils ... radiance.

  20. Lovely to behold!
    Susie (new follower)

  21. Hi Lynne, such a beautiful post, it's truly a gift in itself...love the little guy who's head was on the page to begin with!
    It's great to have a peek into your studio again (where all the magic happens). Your just what I needed after my big trip away :) Jo xx

  22. Your work is ethereal and gentle; I'm sure even Mother Nature appreciates your magical input. btb

  23. btb
    I'm always eager to view your latest blog offerings, I love your use of color and the cute images that appear in your paint soakings, the way you bring them to life. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Lynne,
    It's horrible for me to even put my name in, because I could make my own barely there book, but I would adore to have one you made!

  25. There is so much joy and magic in everything you create - including this blog post. I will love to add a Piece of Hoppe to my collection. BTB!

  26. i love these new pages . the hand is really wonderful. and of course i am so excited to see you made some
    beads . yahoo girl friend.you make me really smile.

  27. oh, these fantastical creatures! love em. How's Mt. Shasta doing? I bet it's so much more gorgeous now!

  28. Oh what beautiful, beautiful work! And an amazing gift btb. Julie

  29. I love the finish you get with the watercolor on the muslin. I have only used acryllics and they are not so soft looking. I really would like to win your btb so I can touch it and see what it is like.

  30. You have been a busy artist , and I love the arty you makes .
    And yes , i will win something of your art !
    Love from the Netherlands , RINI

  31. I love your barely there books and what you do in them in amazing. Your work really inspires me.


  32. geez Lynne - I have been back at least three times just to take everything in - and then I couldn't remember the letters I was supposed to leave, so here I am again, enjoying even more things and with the letters btb - whew! xxo

  33. sigh. that's all i've got today. i look and look and breathe in and out with joy filling my little heart with each eyeful of painted breath. beautiful, lynne. and you are giving away treasures. i can't even begin to say how over the moon i would be if i were to win your yummy books and BEADS. i did not know you made BEADS TOO! now you're just torturing me. :0)

  34. omg, thank you everyone!! i'll be back to respond to everyone's comments a little later, after i'm rested up from our gorgeous, high energy day on mt. shasta yesterday... xo

  35. oooh i love to see your work area. i love looking at your collection of art. the barely there book is magical as is the rest of the post. I've already had one generous parcel from you so I'll let someone else have a treat this time :o)

  36. Thank you for all of the inspiration I get from you. What joy you must bring to other people that hike in the woods you have hiked first...

  37. I love the softness of your books;they're magical indeed! btb!

  38. hi sandi and thank you! it's my pleasure to share this, and i will happily put your name in the hat. : )

    caity, YES, you must take them with you when you go to the park! it will make you smile! and *thank you*!!

    thank you, areyoucurious... it's that muslin magic that gives the pages that look. that's why i'm so hooked on them. : )

    thank you, lost aussie! i appreciate your words!

    oh, jacky, you would've loved it on mt. shasta yesterday. it was gorgeous and very high energy... as for the beads, yeah, that's what i feel - the books are asking for a companion... somehow they go together. xo

    pat, you are welcome, thank *you*!

    janine, you are making me smile!! thank you for your sweet words...

    heya, kim! yeah, everything needs to be *close*! i mean, you need it when you need it! smiles and hugs to you sweet woman...

    hee, robyn... you're funny... and you know that your work delights ME!!

    hi web sheriff, thank you for all of that info... i must say i'm impressed that you found me!

    caroline, if i had a class and you were there, believe me i'd be sitting at your feet soaking up your ISness, not to mention your magical creativity. no kidding... xo

    hee, bea, gotcha! : ) xo

    thank you jennifer... those are very nice words coming from your talented self... xo

    jean, yes, i am having fun! thank you for stopping by!

    hey lumi, oh my, i am *honored* about your sister!! van and TH... yes, perfect sunday morning music. my favorite lines in TH are "you can't stop us on the road to freedom, you can't stop us 'cause our eyes can see." yes!!! xo

    hi yvonne, thank you, and i'm very glad you're here!

    thank you, corrine... yes, they may be from a parallel world... they seem awfully close. thank you so much for your kind words... i appreciate them.

    hi jasmine, hee, it's easy for stuff to spill over, huh? i must say that i like it now that all of my art stuff is in one place. it feels good... maybe your dream will become a reality soon. : )

    m., yes, i really felt that the angel was supposed to be faceless, but was at a loss how to do it. just leave the head off? i was conflicted, heh. then this solution came along and i really liked it. no face but the head was there.

    the faces for the trees feels so big inside of me. and happy. it's definitely something i want to follow... a new path... yesterday on mt. shasta i drew a face for the water that comes out of the mountain in a pipe. it was a beautiful face... most of them surprise me the way they come out. i think the personality will be one way but it's another. or feminine instead of masculine...

    i agree, the goat *would* look good on a postcard. i've been thinking about getting some 'moo' cards made up - he will be on some of them...

    oh m., mt. shasta yesterday... exoblessings were sky high... can you feel them? xo

    hi susie, thank you and welcome!

    hiya jo, it's a gift for me to see you here... must get over to your place soon... can you believe you're coming into summer again? wow, doesn't seem possible...

    thank you, jaxx... i know that i appreciate hers...

    hi jan, oh, i love 'paint soakings'... that's *nice*! and i always smile to see your words!

    julie, and i would be *honored* for you to have one i made! i LOVE your art!

    and ditto to you, seth!!

    kathy, i was so excited the day before i made beads, after i checked out everything to see if it still worked (and found some decent bead release) i almost wrote you. but i decided i'd wait to see how the actual beadmaking went!! it was fun!!! as you well know... : ) love to you...

    chris, mt. shasta is *fabulous*!! you would've loved it!

  39. so blogger tells me i can't put more than 4,096 words in the comment section at once! seriously, i wrote *that many* words?!

    so here i am continuing on...

    hi julie, thank you so much... i'm smiling at your words... : )

    ginny, and i would love for you to win it so you can touch it and see what it feels like. : )

    hi rini, thank you! i know these books would love to go to the netherlands!

    patti, you are so kind... i feel the same way about what you do...

    jeane, lord have mercy, a btb in your hands would sing out loud. xo

    ah kelly, you are so sweet! and wouldn't these beads and books just love to go live with you! omg, they'd go nuts hanging out with your art and jewelry, not to mention you and your boys! (hee, and prolly your hubby too ; )

    hey kate! well okay, if you're sure... i can see some serious kateness all over these books...

    thank you, lisa... i've been your blog and feel the same way about your art... and i love the word 'priti'...

    hi littlescrapsofmagic! thank you for your words and for stopping by!

  40. GASP! i was doing something else and remembered that i never wrote those letters at the end of my previous post. whew...btb!!! :0)

  41. Hi Lynne!
    I thought of you as I was driving by beautiful Mt. Shasta this last weekend!! It is awesome!!!!!!! LOve to see you making a few beads too!


  42. Oooooh what a lovely blog you have. I love your art! I enjoy using the twinkling h2o paints too, so I appreciate how inspiring they must be having over a hundred to hand like that! Your little book is gorgeous and I would love to have my name in the hat - thank you!



  43. Lynne,

    I love your Barely There Book, the lightness of touch with the colour actually inspires me, it's like things that hover at the back of the senses when you try to interpret I use too much clour and spoil the image, to win your book would be a dream come true. btb.

  44. Wow, you have been a busy bee, so glad you are posting more often.

    luv'em, luv'em, luv'em

    Thanx for being a greyt inspiration.

    joan in italy. btb.

  45. hee, kelly! you've made me giggle once again. ; )

    hiya andrea, yeah, it IS awesome! smiling here that it made you think of me. : ) happy birthday to you...

    hi carolyn, thank you! i totally got carried away with the twinkling h2os last year... and then when i thought they were going out of business, i had to stock up!! hee!

    judy, thank you so much! those are just the nicest words... (and i'll bet your art is just as lovely as mine...)

    hi joan, so nice to see you. : ) sometimes i think i'm not that busy, but it does seem to add up. i'm sure having a good time with this muslin...

  46. you are amazing. simply amazing. oh and inspiring. and wonderful. and gifted. love your work. please btb!

  47. your work is so fabulous, I'd love to see it up close; I've never worked on muslin but have some in the studio - you are an inspiration!

    p.s. I would be silly if I didn't admit that I'd LOVE to have a piece of your art, so btb:)

  48. Love your books. have been toying with the idea of trying one if I could just find the time. thanks for sharing your techniques and offering a give a way. btb

  49. by the time i get to the bottom of your post i have about a million things I want to respond to! so excited to see your beads :) I see organized chaos in your wonderful, inspiring space. colorful, warm, creative, love... I love the little mouse guy - he is so dang cute!! love all the inspirational creativity!
    xox K btb

  50. Hi Lynne: WOW, WOW, WOW !!! what a nice return home to see your post of this past week : ) lots and lots of happppppy here Lynne : ) and to add to allll the "love" and "happy" and "generous" YOU GIVE - you are now gifted someONE???? with your GIFT - OMG, you are just an amazing spirit : ) thank you again, as always, this is such a wonderfullato site for my tired eyes : ) BTB !!
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  51. You are overflowing with creativity! I love these books and the sticks with faces. btb

  52. 4roomsandthemoon.wordpress.comSeptember 13, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    Everytime I visit your blog I get re-inspired! Your approach to art is so beautiful - so joyful! I just want to sing when I visit your blog! Silly, I know.
    Olivia btb indeed!

  53. oh my gosh, I have been traipsing around New Mexico and am probably too late!!! btb!!!!
    love all your images but the angel is wonderful and love it that you cut out her face! oh wonderful fortuitous frustration! love it!!!!
    glad to be back and viewing all your lovelies BTB!!! XO

  54. Dear Lynne, thanks again for the wonderful package. And wow, I just love your new beads... they are so amazing.
    It is getting cooler here... wind is blowing in my studio and all around... I welcome Autumn... and I bet the leaves are starting to change colors along your creek.
    This is another inspiring post... I love your angel and "who me?"
    Have a beautiful week... Roxanne

  55. oh vivian, that is so kind! thank you!

    hi patti, and thank you... i will gladly drop your name in the hat. : )

    hey jonna, oh, i think your doodles would look awesome in a BTB! yes, you must try them on muslin... : )

    thank you, karin... my art room pic reminds me of the time you posted a photo of your studio after you'd been organizing and cleaning... organized chaos in both instances! and organization that isn't readily recognizable in a photo. ; )

    hi sandra, yes, well i am giving some back for all i receive... beautiful week to you, and as always, thank you...

    hi leslie... waving and saying thank you!

    olivia, now you have put a big smile on my face. : ) : ) : ) see.... : )

    hey caterina, yes, wonderful, fortuitous frustration! it's our greatest teacher, eh? you're not too late! love to drop your name in the hat!

    hi roxanne, you are so welcome for that package... the leaves are just barely beginning to change. soon, very soon - the sun is getting so low... thank you about the beads and the angel, and beautiful week to you, too!

  56. Lots to read - love your cloth books and all your other works.
    Would be very happy to win. cheers Rebecca in NZ btb

  57. Your books are wonderful. Count me in! Paint diva

  58. Thank you for being a great artist and giving us inspiration ...

    chocolate kisses from Switzerland !



  59. You have so much inspiration..I love the the cloth books and the tree faces..Heck I love it all.

  60. Beautiful all! Love the "Who me?" picture. The stick art is wonderful! You are such an inspiration.