Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the dreamer

good heavens! your response was beyond my wildest imagining! thank you!! one set of Barely There Books seemed, well, barely enough, so i made two more... the three names that i picked from the hat are:

rebecca in NZ (signed in as anonymous)

send me your snail mail addys and i will get your packages off to you! and thank you *everyone* again!

i changed the design of these books so that instead of the pages being sewn together, they're held together with brads. i think that the holes won't fray because of the paint on the muslin, but we'll see. it's a learning experience, hee! i like this idea better because you can take the book apart and work on the pages individually if you want.

last wednesday, 9/9/09, we went to mt. shasta... word had it that a large crystal under the mountain was to be activated on that day. i know that to many people this is just right over the top, but heh, jimmie and i aren't many people... it was a fabulous, high energy day... this is looking up at the very top of the mountain from where we got out of the car to go walking.

there were lots of others walking around on the mountain, and lots of cairns and designs made from rocks... i left flags and drew on sticks, and just generally felt deliriously happy.

i drew/colored this with colored pencils at the coffee shop before we drove up the mountain. it's in a teeny tiny BTB. love those colored pencils!

i tried to do an image transfer on the back of the page, but it didn't turn out so great. it seems like i'm either scrubbing off too much or not enough of the paper!

a couple more pages in the small book...

this was another attempt at image transfer in my bigger BTB. i like the way it turned out... i didn't do much art in my journal last week...

only these two pages, which are pictures ripped out of catalogs and then colored over,

mostly with colored pencil. the images are covered with matte gel medium so the colored pencil really sticks. i was thinking that it's like paper dolls for grown-ups...

i went to visit the green shrine tree... propped everything up and added some new greens. sometimes i think about setting up a hidden camera to find out how long it takes the creatures to come out and topple everything over again.

the queen of the green shrine tree...

she lives nearby,

as does he...

instead of an art related quote this week, i'm going to quote from one of my favorite books, 'oneness'. it only seems fitting after last week...

The Dreamer does not care what is or is not possible. For theDream is based in limitlessness. The Dream is totally without structure. The Dream is found in the depths of the child who still dwells within -- regardless of how disenchanted or disillusioned you may consider yourself to be. Regardless of how jaded you are or how broken by life's blows, the Dreamer remains untouched. And reconnecting with that rarefied spark of your own Divine essence is the key element in restructuring the life you are preparing to transform. Before The Artist can begin to emerge from the radiant core of your being and give expression to the unique creation that is to be your life, you must first find and liberate The Dreamer from the prison of your linear consciousness.

Oneness, received and transcribed by Rascha



  1. Wow love that quote, very powerful. I have always tried to downplay I am a dreamer like it was a bad thing. I am trying to change that. :) Your trip to Mount Shasta sounded very magical. My favorite page is the transfer of the trees, I love the abstract quality that the thin branches make.

  2. congrats to the winners :)
    I love the brad idea, both visually and practically. I also like the transfer images a lot - they have a softness to them increased by being on the muslin, it seems. and everything else makes me smile - all is a wonder. dream on xo

  3. Congratulations to the girls who will receive one of your Barely There Books...what a treat that will be when they arrive!!!
    I think the brads idea is great as sometimes it is hard working on pages when they cant be removed from the book.
    Wonderful transfers too...I never seem to have much luck with transfers...guess I should just keep trying.
    Thanks for sharing your trip to Mt. Shasta...love taking these trips with you.
    Love the quote. Yet another one that I will write up in my journal (you are featuring a lot Lynne).

    Take care and have a wonderful week.

    Jacky xox
    Lovely photos of Mt. Shasta

  4. h my gosh, thank you!! I'm so looking forward to actually seeing your barely there book In Real Life!

    I never have much luck with transfers either - except for the ones with packing tape, which I don't really like because they stay too shiny.

  5. Congratulations to the winners! Of course I am jealous but more happy for them! lol!

    LH, I love your new pics! How fun! Have you tried adding Clear Gesso after you have done some painting? It adds a gritty texture to the surface and if you used color pencil or whatever on top, it adds an interesting layer! Also, have you tried Golden's Digital Ground and then running your muslin through the printer? I haven't tried that yet but will have too myself! I have seen the result from another blog or class. It was wonderful! It is funny you mention brads to hold the Barely There journals together, I was thinking of trying that as I am not sure how to bind them. I have done a few pages recently and will post my pics later today.

    Thank you for sharing, I look at your blog daily! I love looking at your work and photos of your walks!

  6. Congrats to the lucky winners!
    There is so much that I love here. The spotty red heart and the tree transfer page as well as the magazine ladies that you've altered and how wonderful are your arty stick paintings. I can actually feel the buzz on Mt Shasta from here !

  7. So happy for the winners!!
    Love the way your transfers ended up. It's always a crap shoot with them.
    Your pieces are terrific! The heart.... warms mine!!
    The quote is lovely Lynne!

  8. Beautiful quote. I'm not familar with this entity.
    Lucky winners, sigh......well, I guess I'm just going to have to make my own, aren't I? It's not like you have prodded me to. lol
    Love the little tabs with the brads. Excellent idea. The little books are evolving.

  9. Lucky you! A day on Mt. Shasta. Whenever we head north to visit relatives in KF, OR. my heart always takes a leap when Shasta first comes into view...truly a magical place. Leaving your creative footprint will truly make it a bit more magical for the next traveler.
    You're blog is wonderful...glad I found you.
    hug, hug

  10. Sounds like a wonderful energy infused trip to the mount. Love visualizing you roaming the woods leaving your exquisite treasures. Always love your imagery.

    My old image transfer process, 'a la Rauschenberg' - prints from a cheap, non-archival printer (I used an old Lexmark), equally cheap glossy photo paper, spritz image with water, spritz or wet receiving surface - watercolor paper or muslin works great, use a bone folder or rigid something to rub the image onto paper or fabric. Of course Rauschenberg used a super expensive huge Iris printer with vegetable inks, but I used to get some amazing results.

  11. okay, I don't know a thing about crystals under the mountain, but if it's something that infuses energy, I'm all for that! as always, so much wonderful stuff here, Lynne! I love your never stopping forward motion! and congrats to the lucky winners!

  12. hey patti, yeah, i love that page with the transfer of the trees too... it seems to me that some images lend themselves more to transfers than others. some just naturally look better as a transfer... as for the dreamer - i think we're discouraged in subtle and not so subtle ways from being a dreamer early on... we dreamers have to be brave to let go of this! xo

    hi karin, yes, all is a wonder! i like the brads too, and also think that the muslin lends itself perfectly to the image transfer 'look'. i meant to get some transparency sheets yesterday when we went to town, but forgot. that's my next step... dream on, too, beautiful one... xo

    jacky, i couldn't agree more about it being hard to work on a page at times because it's in a book. also you can't work on another page until the one you're working on dries. so i really like the idea of being able to take the pages out. as for image transfers, i'm going to try kathy's suggestion below, and also get some transparencies and try printing on them. and maybe some digital ground like janine (below) suggests! beautiful, creative week to you my friend!

    heya caity! well soon you'll be able to see what kind of goodness you can put down on the muslin! and you're welcome!!

    janine, i wonder what would happen if i painted a piece of muslin with clear gesso and ran that through the printer? and the clear gesso idea is great for colored pencils. i have some and you're right, it's rough. i will try that!! thank you for *everything*!

    hee, robyn! yeah, i think the buzz is very present in the photos! you know i'm thinking about the date and wondering just who is going to win your beautiful carving... xo

    thank you, manon... well your transfers sure seem to turn out great! i'm going to keep trying... : )

    hi bea, 'oneness' is a group of beings... i haven't read any of the other books received by rascha, but this one is a gem. yes, you should make a book. ; ) it would be even easier with the brads!

    hi julie - yes! my heart always leaps at the sight of it too! i have an immediate inner smile the second i see it... thank you for your kind words... big, heart hugs to you...

    kathy, it *was* an energy infused trip. just wonderful... i'm gonna try your transfer method and see what happens. i have some glossy paper that should work. love to you... xo

    hee, jeane! what a wonderful attitude about the crystal! love your forward going motion too... xo

  13. I've not visited for a long while and now - WOW - those muslin books! I use muslin a lot in the journals I make but nothing like this. This year my theme has been 'paper pocket pages' but now you have given me a wonderful theme for 2010 journals. I'll post results on my 'journaling' blog when I have experimented. Thankyou so much. (P.S. Try Golden matte gel medium to seal the muslin when adding brads or eyelets.)

  14. LOVE love love your 3D stick figures. Love love love them in the bush. And The Woman In The Sunglasses - I would be best friends with her too.

  15. Just found your blog...LOVE IT!!!!!

  16. I love the wood people, and I can't believe I missed an opportunity to win. Damn it.


  17. i am so blessed! This whole month has been amazing... thank you so much... Exoblessings work!****

    am amazed at Mt Shasta... to see it, reminds me of places in Arizona and New Mexico i have wondered... and those piled rocks ... to see that i am thinking "this is NOT the South" if you know what i mean... (are there really places like this in the world; America is such a diverse universe of ideas and concepts running energy lines through it...) Its amazing.

    truly love the green shrine tree, and its whole neighborhood of "spirit" people. Do they get together for tea and "sigh"ing? :)

    thank you again... it must be my birthday month!
    xox exoblessed all over

  18. ps __ gotta thank ms KVK ... i am going to try that .

  19. hey ann! oh, i'm so excited by this! i've just been to your blog and read what you've written there. i will follow along to see what you create. also, i will use gel medium around the holes - good idea... thank you!

    thanks, loani. : ) heh, i only dress up people that i wanna be friends with. ; )

    thank you, mieke! i'm glad you're here!

    love to you, renee - and thank you! xo

    m.! yes, you are blessed!!

    hee, about seeing the rocks and thinking 'this is not the south'... the diversity in this world IS amazing.

    yes, i wonder if they get together for tea or some such too... it's very interesting that when i put a stick in one tree, i SWEAR the next big tree down says, 'me next, lynne?'. really...

    the joy of exoblessings on us all...


  20. Dear Lynne... your new books are lovely and will be such beautiful gifts for the winners.... and I love seeing Mt. Shasta up close and so high up... I am surprised at the lack of vegetation and the cairns and designs with rocks... I can see how you were so energized... I love your stick people too and the transfer of the trees... Have a happy weekend... Roxanne

  21. These are divine, lucky, lucky ladies. Your work is always so inspiring.

  22. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear sister, Happy Birthday to you.

  23. What a great excursion! Lynne your colored pencil pages are great. I know what you mean about transfers. I'm about to work on a transfer for my big canvas and I need to get past the fear of it not working!

  24. Congratulations to the winners!
    Wonderful transfers!

  25. Congrats to the lucky winners. I love the look of the image transfers here!