Saturday, July 25, 2009

she talks

to flowers

ahhh, it's still hot...

these are from my 5" x 7" journal... muslin that's been gel medium-ed to 140# watercolor paper and then painted with (mostly : ) watercolors.

and the last pages

in my little (3" x 5") travel journal. i should probably call it my 'wandering journal' since it's what i take with me when i go out walking. i started it almost exactly 3 years ago, which was also when i started keeping art journals. as i've said before, i wanted to finish this so i could start a new, bigger journal, but now i'm not sure if i'll go to bigger pages or not. lately i've painted a page every morning as i sit outside, and i've enjoyed the small page size...

since i mostly drew with my left hand in this book, it wasn't easy to draw on the last pages!

for now this is my new 'wandering journal'... i sewed together 7 pieces of muslin...

some of the pages are narrow so i sewed tabs on these pages that would meet the left side of the wider pages. it weighs practically nothing, so it's great for wandering in that regard. i'll let you know what i think after i've done a few pages!

what the flowers are starting to do here, in our non-yard yard and everywhere...

and this, this is so lovely that i wanted to share it with you... it's a big chunk of lavender rose quartz from the mt. shasta area. it was given to me by some generous rock hounds years ago. i sit beside it in the morning, and it's luminous as the sun shines on it... to give your eyes (and heart) a real treat, click on the photo...

Paris Through My Window, 1913, Marc Chagall

we went to redding this week where i got two new taschen art books in the bargain section at barnes and noble. one is about chagall, and the other is about miro. the image quality in both is excellent, and i've already read the chagall book from cover to cover. it was just a matter of choosing what to quote...

'Chimie' was a word Chagall especially liked using from the early 50s onwards and which, to preserve the special coloration of his language, is better left untranslated. With this word he meant everythig that happens to the material with the forming hand ofthe artist - almost a process of alchemical transmutation. "The 'great chimie' leads one to community with nature, the 'lesser chimie' to community with man."

Chagall maintained: "I consciously seek [...] to construct a world where a tree can be different, where I myself can suddenly discover that I have seven fingers on my right hand, but only five on the my left - basically a world where everything is possible."

from 'Chagall', by Jacob Ball-Teshuva



  1. Beautiful creative images as usual Lynne. I love that last page with the red frayed heart and I look forward to seeing your next series of "wanderings".

  2. Lynne I love the Taschen books too. Recently picked up one on Hundertwasser (yes, still loving his art and amazed by his architecture). I have one coming on Cezanne. I have watched a few documentaries recently and love his style, so looking forward to that one.
    Your journal pages on muslin are just soooo lovely. Love your imagery and colours (I was painting with my H2O's today and thinking of you).
    Looking forward to seeing how the new journal works out without the backing of the watercolour paper.

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

    Jacky xox

  3. Nice being here right now :) might just stay a bit longer :)
    Marc Chagall is special to me too. I love his work. I have read about his life and his great love for Bella his wife...I sobbed when I read, when she died , he stopped painting for a few years.
    I am lucky enough to have a relative who has a Chagall lithograph...Oh so nice to get close too :) makes my heart beat that little bit faster. Jo xx

  4. Wow Lynne, I am finding you painting on the muslin beautiful and so interesting.

  5. that's a wonderful book you finished...i don't think i ever finished a book before. The new one looks sumptuous too.

    beautiful images as usual ms Hoppe!

  6. They are just beautiful. What a perfectly lovely thing to own.

  7. Beautiful little journal. The size seems to really work with how you use it. I really like the painting on fabric pages. :)Bea

  8. Hey Lynne,

    The muslin with your work on it is out of this world!! Wow!
    Love the hand with the heart! ; )
    The quartz is unbelievable..... lucky girl!

  9. oh wow. I am so happy I found your blog (through Working the Earth blog). You are AMAZING. Love your art. In love with your little books. WOWOWOWOWOWOW to all of it.

  10. and she has so much to say.
    each page is such a treasure - I love the intimacy of the wanderer, the softness of the muslin, the everything that you share!
    xox K

  11. i can't post today without a disclaimer. i hate to gush. i hate it when other people gush. if i weren't so sincere in my gushing (which is what i am going to do) i would insert a big eyeroll. but i cannot. your little book overwhelms me with happiness. page upon page of your mornings on muslin make me smile and feel giddy. they are especially perfect without being perfect. do you know what i mean? clap, clap, clap! thank you for sharing them, lynne. they've surely brought me joy today.

  12. everything seems possible when you spend a few moments looking at the world through your beauty-filled eyes, Lynne. I love the sights in your journal - makes my heart have wings like the lovely ones you paint !
    Happy Sunday !

  13. Lynne, these journals are absolute treasures - rich, rich, rich and they hold more then paintings :))))

  14. I love your paintings on muslin. They are SO delicate and fragile. I'm also a fan of Chagall.

  15. wow, thank you everyone... it's really quite amazing to be out here in the boondocks creating, doing my thing, and also have so much love and support. thank you!!

    robyn, thank you... i've been experimenting with cutting hearts out of muslin and fraying them... and painting them, and, and, and... : )

    hi jacky, i'll have to look for the taschen hundertwasser book -- i LOVE taschen books and i love hundertwasser. and, lol! i was just thinking that a cezanne book would be nice!! (ya think mrs. mizzle put the bug in our ears?) thank you for your kind words... xo

    hi jo, oh, yes... his love for bella... i can just gaze at a photograph of the two of them as if it's a painting. it's so beautiful... i didn't know until i read this book that he did so many lithographs... oh! it would be lovely to be close to one!

    hey zom, try this painting on muslin! it's so delightful!!

    hee, kate! believe me, i've a stack of unfinished books! i was not wanting that to happen to this little book, though, so that's another reason i focused on finishing it. and thank you. : )

    hi loani... thank you... as are your tea cosies... : )

    thank you so much, sapphire dakini!

    hi bea, thank you! the muslin is a real joy to work on... try it, you'll see!

    hiya manon, not so many hearts on these pages, huh?! well, i for sure thought of you when i painted the one on the crown and the hand... (and thank you : ) xo

    thank you, bethany! i'm smiling sharing all of this with you!

    hey sweet karin... blowing kisses and gratitude to you!

    lol, kelly! well i've sure wanted to gush over your work before -- many times!! yeah, it affects me like that!

    perfect without being perfect? you mean like *your* art?!!

    it puts a big BIG smile on my face that these pages have brought you joy this morning... : ) xo

    hi kim - thank you! those little wings are drawn with my left hand -- if i draw them with my right (dominant) hand they don't have a bit of flight energy to them! left hand sets them free... ; )

    thank you jeane... yeah, more than paintings... : )

    hi denise, thank you! oh yes, chagall... his images seem to soak into my psyche and pop out in happily unexpected ways later...

  16. she talks to flowers
    she talks to her heart,
    to my heart


    I am so amazed you worked on that book for three years. i envy that; it inspires me!

    love your choosen quote and that rose quartz... the book must be amazing to hold and feel three years of gestures and moments of transformation hinted at within.

    Thanks for sharing... never have seen those milky flower bursts before... some kind of seeded exoblessing surely !

  17. what a beautiful journal; i love the thickness of it.

  18. stunning, sumptuous
    your imagery sucks me straight into the heart of it, my heart and yours.
    Then the crystal literally took my breath away, made me gasp, touched me as deeply as the paintings.
    earth magic - you little master
    blessings sweet one

  19. Ohhhhhhhh, how beautiful your post(s) are - how blessed we are for your generosity in sharing your heart. can't say enough of how your art inspires me - thank you : ) your lavendar quartz is tooo wonderful - your queeeeeen page is tooo wonderful and the pic of your booook - WOW !!! MercyMe is perfect in every way, ha : ) can you telll I've beeen away and I'm just relisssshhhhing in your latests posts +++ : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  20. I love your work!

    I am going to have to try this, I have a piece of muslin or two just waiting for something to transform them!

  21. I love the journal.It is wonderful.
    Marc Chagall
    He is one of my Favorite

  22. Ahhh, the tree and the window.

  23. Ok, I have pasted some muslin onto watercolor paper, then it dawned on me...should I have painted the muslin first???

    Does anyone know where I can find out how to do this? I am going to paint this anyway and see what happens! I love the idea of a journal like this and I have a bolt of muslin to play with.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. lol, m., some kind of seeded exoblessing for sure!! and of course they blow away and drift to far away lands, spreading exoblessings everywhere... : )

    thank you, ludid! i loved this little book!

    hey kathy, are you expanding time wildly these days?! thank you for your sweet words... blowing you kisses...

    hiya sandra! thank you!! i hope you've been having fun playing with muslin!

    thank you, janine! i'm going to e-mail you the instructions for what i do... if you don't get an e-mail from me, let me know and i'll resend it...

    many thanks, poetic artist... marc chagall touches my heart...

    hey cynjon... yeah, i like that too... xo

    janine, see above. : )

  25. LH an email? When did you send?

    Thank you so much!

  26. hey janine, i sent it last night... i think i need your e-mail address as just clicking on 'reply' to your comments as they're sent to me via blogspot doesn't seem to work. click on 'view my complete profile' to get my e-mail addy, and you can let me know what your e-mail address is from there...

  27. I love the heart faded at the end....and the EYE! OH THE EYE!!! amazing!

  28. The muslin painted pages are wonderful. Such delicious eye candy and a pleasure to browse through.

  29. What a beuatiful journal and great way to start each day. The pages seem to take the paint so well and so softly! Love this so much, it is now linked to my Inspiration Station incon on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks Lynne!!

  30. .. so very inspiring! thank you!

  31. thank you, caterina! i can't take credit for the eye, though. it's a stamp... : )

    hi marie, thank you so much!

    well thank *you* seth! that's an honor!! i agree about the muslin taking the paint softly -- it really does. it instantly creates a sort of worn, soft look...

    you're welcome, vivian! thank *you*!

  32. The book is amazing - what inspired honest work...impressed, thanks for your visit.

  33. Lynne, Wow. This book is fantastic. I love every page you have shown us.

    I hope it is okay to use your picture of the boat in a post next week. It is perfect for exactly how I felt.

    Of course I will put your name.

    I hope it is okay.

    Love Renee xoxo

  34. I came via Seth's inspiration link and I am so glad I did, I love the second little wandering journal with all its piece-y bits added on, thanks for sharing what you do, I'll definitely be back for more

  35. twodressesstudio.blogspot.comJuly 31, 2009 at 8:53 PM

    I congratulate you along with the others here - your artwork is very heartfelt and 100% original as a result. That's very special in my mind!
    I'll be back too!

  36. Just found your blog.... wonderful! What an awesome piece of rose quartz and how lucky you are to sit by it each day. Blessings and thank you for sharing your beautiful images.

  37. thank you very much, john...

    hey renee - thank you! yes, of course it's okay!

    love to you...

    thank you, deb! and thanks for stopping by!

    twodresses... i'm smiling here... thank you... : )

    thank you barbara! yes, i feel blessed with the rose quartz!

  38. Lynne, I love your watercolours on muslin. There is something about your work that really speaks to me, inspires me, I find it hard to put into words.

    I will be back for more. :)

  39. Beautiful journal work and I especially like the fabric journal. What an experience it must be to work on/in it.
    I love your Chagall comment-"With this word he meant everythig that happens to the material with the forming hand ofthe artist - almost a process of alchemical transmutation. "The 'great chimie' leads one to community with nature, the 'lesser chimie' to community with man." I never heard of this before. Was so happy to see your blog in Seth's Inspiration Station!! Great choice!

  40. "she talks to flowers" is a beautiful post... so full of love and joy. I love the face on the first page, the white bird, the colors and that you love Chagall too.
    The rose quartz is amazing, and I did look closely, and the exploding flower remnants, like shooting stars...

  41. "she talks to flowers" is a beautiful post... so full of love and joy. I love the face on the first page, the white bird, the colors and that you love Chagall too.
    The rose quartz is amazing, and I did look closely, and the exploding flower remnants, like shooting stars...

  42. Lynne, discovered your blog through Altered Page. What a terrific idea to make a book of muslin, lightweight and easy to carry. Your paintings are lovely and such a wonderful memory of walks taken.

  43. I, too, have come from Altered Art and love your blog. I knew it would be good if Seth recommended you. I absolutely love your art journal. I haven't tried yet but am longing to have a go. I love the idea of just banging a few pages of muslin together. The trouble is I don't know what to use on these things. I must get a book I think.
    That rose quartz is stunning. I clicked and gazed.
    Beautiful blog.

  44. Hi , I have been following your blog for about 4 months. I realized that I'm so amazed by your work that I always forget to leave a comment. You're blog is my absolute favorite that I check daily. So different, so unique.

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