Sunday, July 5, 2009


one of the first things that i did last week was make a graffiti wall flag for the creek...

first i cut the winged skeleton stencil... boy do i love it!!

a 'before' pic...

i put a little paint on the copper this time...


in my journal i've been painting and gluing. i got stuck on this page but finally just finished her and moved on... my favorite thing is her eyebrows!

this is the back of the page with the christmas cactus on it. the backs of the brads were here, so i stuck a piece of muslin on them, and then glued on a bunch of stuff and painted with acrylics.

muslin on part of the page here, and a piece of string that was laying on the table. the house and walkway are twinkling H2Os.

i've been reading 'confident color', by nita leland, which has me thinking about color and mixing new colors A LOT. here i was mixing twinkling H2Os... nita's got me thinking about color in a new way.

more muslin, misc. glued down stuff, and paint... i was still working on the right page when i took this pic. most pages in this journal are 5" x 7", but some (like the one on the right) are 3" x 7".

if you click on this you can see how tasty the surface is...

muslin plus other fabric scraps... heh, and my new stencil.

another narrow page.

a tag...

i also worked a lot in my travel journal even though i'm not traveling. it's almost three years old and i'm itchin' to start a new one. a bigger one. this one's about 3" x 5". it's on the book of lenore tawney's postcards, which i highly recommend.

i did some 10 minute collages (thanks, robyn) in it. here are a couple of them...

and some contour drawings (a bone here)... i found this owl feather and it improves my painting immensely.

and more pages on muslin... the hand stamp is a teesha moore stamp.

i love every step of working with the muslin.

amelia takes at least three dirt baths a day...

and finally, the orange lily along the creek bloomed last week. every year one lily with three blooms.

this is miraculous to me...



  1. Lynne, I always marvel at your beautiful, delicate touch: an assertive whisper. Enjoying watching the stamping/stenciling/collage develop: love the placing of the feather x

  2. u have been busy Lynne - i like the way you take ur art further but still keep the you. fabulous stuff.

  3. lynne, it is a pleasure to see your work. when I look it makes me smile. thats a good thing in this crazy world! thank you, lyle

  4. Oh! The graffiti flags are wonderful and I love the natural way that you hang them. I love the new work especially the face with the clouds in her hair. Beautiful all.

  5. Lynne..... you've been a busy girl!
    The graffiti wall flag is amazing and I absolutely love the paint on the copper.
    The eyebrows rock!
    I have Nita's book and love it.
    BTW.... you've reminded me to check on those Twinkling H2O's. I ordered them two months ago and still don't have them.

  6. boy, you are so productive, love that flag....

  7. *sighs*

    I LOVE it HERE. That flag, the winged skeleton stencil and the way the flag is hung ... amazing & wonderful!

    good nuff, wouldn't you think?

    not for you. :) which makes the visit even better ... yummy-gluey-painted-stenciled-altered-colorful GREATNESS.

    side note ... my first kitty was a pretty little white stray we dubbed Amelia. dirt baths ... good fir kitty souls.

    and thanks for sharing the triple lily - the color is quite beautiful.

  8. *Lenore Tawney Love* I LOVE that book!! One of my favorites.

    I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!! ohhhhhh it makes me smile and sigh and wish at the same time. Gorgeous gorgeous.

    Oh and who doesn't love Nita Leland? ;)

  9. a dirt bath! i just laughed so much! yes i did need that! thank you ...

    love the top image, that stencil is great... xoxox to it; and the copper with the ribbons, xoxoxo to it...
    and to you, xoxooxoxooxoxooxo etc... big grin over here. thank you... these seem very mystical too, as if light within (you) is speaking.

  10. Your work is incredible, Lynne. I wish we lived closer to one another so that I could "play" with you and some paints. Do you ever hold any workshops or attend any in the area? I'd love to know if you do and what you recommend, if so. What journals do you recommend, especially for watercolors? Any particular kind? And, can you tell me about these twinkling H2O's? I have never heard about them. Are they transparent, shiny (I take that from the "twinkling" part)? Where do you find them? Thanks!!!

  11. Oh.... Lynee... I am absolutely in love with this post... again and again I go through each photograph... I love your "winged skeleton" more than anything, and the way the prayer flag looks in your creek, (I think I should come to your place next time so I can see it in person!) And all of your beautiful pages, especially the bone and the feather.... and your new beautiful lady with her head filled with clouds. I hope you are having a wonderful monday... Roxanne

  12. thank you, lumi... yeah, the stamping/stenciling/collage is developing... : )

    hee, kate! 'me' is following me... : )

    lyle, nothing could make me happier!

    thank you, leanne! smiling about you liking cloud woman -- i never felt i got her quite right. xo

    lol, manon, thank you about the eyebrows!! : ) as for the twinkling H20s, you should be getting them soon. i just got the ones i ordered in early april.

    jude, thank you... i think *you're* productive!

    hey michelle, yeah, i think that dirt baths must be excellant for kitty souls... and thank you for your kind words! they mean a lot! xo

    kelly, i probably found out about nita leland first from you! i don't remember for sure, but i wouldn't doubt it a bit...

    thank you!!

    m. -- the stencils, the flags, and i appreciate your kisses and hugs... and you don't know HOW GLAD i am that you had a good laugh about the kitty dirt baths... : )

    hi teri, thank you so much... no, i don't know of any workshops around here. well, i've taken a couple at art and soul in portland. i know there must be good ones around here though -- there has to be!

    as for the twinkling H2Os... google 'luminarte'. they're transparent watercolors if they're thin, but you can get them thick enough to cover other colors. most colors have mica in them so they're sparkly. i buy them online at the luminarte website. xo

    hi roxanne, thank you for all of your nice words... i think you should come here next time, too... : ) xo

  13. wow! Lynne, there is so much wonderful stuff going on here, but my fav is the amazing art flag you set in the creek! I love that!

  14. Holy smokes Lynne......I'm inspired, I'm hungry (those tasty pages you mentioned), I'm amazed, I'm tired....where DOES your energy come from? Nice work.

  15. I LOVE YOUR FLAG hanging on those sticks in the creek/river!!! so totally inspiring. the whole post is just what i needed to get me out to my studio... thank you thank you thank you!

  16. Hi Lynne: ohhhhhhhh, do I love every bit, inch, line, word(s), etc. of your post - I am sooo inspired !!! I play with my H20's every chance I get, they are very addictive : ) I too just received my order (a week or so ago) I had placed in MARCH !!! but they are trying and glad they're not going out of business : ) I love your skeleton angel stencil, I have not had much (fun) success with cutting my own, I've used an Xacto, :(ugh, and my "creative tool" and still : ( do you use a hot pen ?? I saw one advertised in Dharma catalog. love Nita's book on color too, now I'll have to go dig it up again, ha : ) and your creek-flag, ohhh myyyyy, just wonderful !! sorry, I'm excited so I rant on - just wanted to add my praises to everyone elses on how wonderful your art, your sharing and your inspirational spirit is - thank you : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  17. I so hope that someday we can visit and play in one anothers streams, Lynne! I adore the coper flag hangy-thingy!

  18. You're on a roll!
    I love your latest face and her lovely eyebrows.
    Love the houses and what you're doing with copper - wow.
    And the branches holding your rainmaker in the stream.
    Love that rainmaker figure.

  19. thank you, jeane!

    well, lol, karen, some weeks i have more creative pizazz than others... ; ) and thank you !

    jennifer -- thank YOU! i appreciate your kind words!

    sandra, thank you so much for your long and juicy comment. what a smile maker for me! i'll e-mail you with the name of a place that sells stencil film that's super easy to cut. you'll love it! as for the twinkling H2Os... i've been thinking about which colors i'm gonna vote for ever since i got the e-mail saying they're going to cut back! : ) xo

    a big 'ol ditto on that, cynjon! xo

    anna, lol, i was on a roll last week. it was *fun*, hee! the 'rainmaker' was from a national geographic's magazine...

  20. WOW, what a wonderful post..I just found your blog and I am loving it.
    Thanks for sharing

  21. I just found your beautiful blog courtesy of a comment you made on Lumilyon's current surreal piece. I am absolutely enthralled with your work - especially the muslin pieces. Outstanding! Totally enjoyed my visit and will be back again! Hugs, Terri

  22. Someone's been busy!! Absolutely love the flag. It looks right at home in the woods. And your journal pages are amazing as always. Love your style!!

  23. what a load of wonders here! - and it is true about the tasty surface texture - love the muslin paintings - you are such an inspiration - and I'll send you my rainmaker - she needs to get outa town...

    xox - eb.

  24. I am lucky enough to have that Lenore Tawney book. Is it not to die for?

    Your girl has great eyebrows, but those clouds in her hair... wild!!

    GREAT stencil. I must borrow it. Last weekend I worked with Twinkling H2Os for the first time, and they worked with me!

  25. thank you for stopping by, poetic artist! and for your kind words!

    hi terri, it's nice to see another lumilyon lover here! i'm so in love with this muslin now... it makes me smile to know that you liked it too... : )

    thanks, seth... yeah, graffiti looks good in the woods. ; )

    lol, eb, i was speaking metaphorically on the rainmaker! we've had more clouds this summer than in all past summers of our years here combined. strange weather indeed. always love to see you here sweet woman... xo

    chris, yeah, lenore tawney's book is GOOD. full of inspiration...

    that stencil is on the 'free stencil' site that m.a. had in the sidebar...

    those twinkling h2os are sweet, huh? : ) xo

  26. Love it all, Lenore is wonderful...I love her book.
    Lynne your art!!! gorgeous gorgeous, such a treat to come here and stare.

  27. Lynne everything, every single thing I am amazed by.

    Your work is amazing and totally you.

    Where your favourite thing was the eyebrows on one painting, mine was her head.

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. how wonderful are you!! loving this post - sch inspiration. thank you!

  29. There's some interesting and wonderful work here on your blog. :)

  30. Lynn, I discovered your blog from Seths site. Wow I love your art!!! I especially love angel in the creek. WOW!

  31. I love your blog , you makes beautiful art !
    Love from the Netherlands RINI