Sunday, October 6, 2013

'mrs. anna markowski' ~ oil paint on chocolate bar wrapper

* * *


  1. Mrs Anna would be delicious even if she wasn't on chocolate bar paper! "Keep thinking about PollyAnna"?? but really l love this list even if you have to explain that one to me.

  2. Hey There Lynne!

    When I saw that you did another post I said "yeah!! we get to see some new paintings!"

    Now that is so cool to paint on a candy bar wrapper! Now a days, there are a lot of really pretty wrappers. I have seen lots being used for mixed media - torn and such - but I love the idea to paint onto one!

    Is that a new header photo you are using? Very, pretty indeed. And I love that quote "I never wished to be defined."

    Say....hmm... when are you going to offer a painting for sale over at Bird on a Wire ;o)

    I keep checking and checking so that I can snatch one up! And that is what ya need to do is quickly snatch one up because they go fast!!

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Lynne

    So sorry it's been so long. I've been busy moving to the other side of the country. Cornwall is my new home. Then we moved our daughter and family here too, we have had a very busy summer. But here I am..

    I love Mrs. Anna Markowski, the look you've captured on her face, one of total indifference is perfect.

    Speak soon ~ Julie.

  4. Mrs. Anna M., a widow, has dyed her hair recently to match the brown of Mr. Hersey's finest chocolate candy. He will be completely smitten by her when they meet on the train for London, they will eventually marry, and live well and happily to the end of their days.
    I am completely smitten by the Diebenkorn quote, which was pointed out to me in grad school but forgotten until now. Thank you, Lynne!

  5. Mrs. Anna Markowski looks like she's very serious about her chocolate! You've captured a deliciously new and mysterious emotion in her face, Lynne. She's very, very intriguing.

    Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've missed our email chats.

  6. mrs anna is yummy... and i understand and agree with 8 and 9... the rest you would have to explain to me... lol xoxox

  7. Mrs. Anna Markowski definitely ate the chocolate -- but you - how clever to paint on the chocolate wrapper.
    Love the Diebenkorn list - may have to print it out.

  8. Yes, absolutely, that IS Mrs. Anna. Couldn't be anyone else! Thanks for proving that one can paint on anything. xoxo

  9. LOVE Mrs. Anna. She reminds me of all the grandmas that lived in the neighborhood I grew up in, she is a delight just like the wrapper she inhabits.

  10. Mrs Markowski looks a very dignified lady, Julie is right she does look rather indifferent but that adds to her mystery. Perhaps the look on her face is the one she uses when she is tolerating chaos? ( no 9 ) I love your inventive process, chocolate wrappers!! Who would have thought! :)

  11. She needs to shave all her hair off and get a tatoo. :). Or breathe more than once a week ? ;)

    A belated happy solstice. And september blessings. Could use 2,3,4 as writing aids. Perfect.

  12. hi sweetness knew it was about time lol i think Mrs Markowski is in drag , but we arnt supposed to know shhhhh lol and love the notes and love #4 lol
    luv ya xoxox

  13. Lynne, Love, love, love the background in this piece!Love the list! So true and right. xoxo

  14. Ahhh, more inspiration! I am off to Mexico in a matter of days. In the past I've saved my candy wrappers and merchandise bags - now I know a good way to put them to use. Thank you, Lynne!

  15. lynne, finally a little time to visit. you have no idea what an influence you have been in my life, but i know from your latest comment on my blog that you understand. it's that inner child in you that is so beautiful. i have been reading your sidebar techniques and thank you for your generosity in sharing them.
    have a wonderful week

  16. Good advice there. This looks like a very aristocratic face-is she real or made up? I like the use of a chocolate wrapper too and of course you have to eat the chocolate firs to get one of those!

  17. YES Who is Mrs Anna Markowski?
    I had a Mrs Frogmorton I drew over and over again when I was a kid. She lived in the top apartment in my head.