Thursday, February 28, 2013

'pearl etta' ~ watercolors, graphite and colored pencil on arches drawing paper

i drew pearl etta while looking at this painting by irina korsakova;  within minutes she was a (mini) woman instead of a child, though,  and little boots seemed like they'd just look so good!  she's up there because her dress is pink, which fits in with this post...  otherwise i've been drawing and painting a lot;  getting to know dura-lar and arches drawing paper. 

once in a while as i'm scrolling through my tumblr dash,  i think about why i like some paintings and not others. there seem to be many factors,  but one thing that will almost certainly make me adore a painting is the presence of pink.  so, for a little something different, here are some of my recent pink favorites...

August Macke ~ Rosa Azalee

 Henri Lebasque ~ Seated Nude Woman 

 Edgar Degas - Avant l’entrée en scène

Henri Matisse ~ Geraniums

Sano di Pietro ~ L’Ange de l’Annonciation 

(did they really have neon pink paint in the 15th century?)

Marjaana Savander ~ Karhunruusu oljy kankalle

 Kees Van Dongen ~ The Pink Hat

 Suzanne Valadon ~ Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 

 Edouard Vuillard ~  Nu couché

 Paul Klee ~ The Garden in Hot Weather 

 Gabriëlle Münter ~ Blumenstilleben

 Louis Michel Eilshemius ~ Snake Dancer

it wasn't easy to pick just twelve...

: )

* * *

“The justification of art is the internal combustion it ignites in the hearts of men and not its shallow, externalized, public manifestations. The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.”

~ Glenn Gould


  1. I appreciate this post very much.
    First let me say I adore pearl etta - just the name is wonderful! So are the boots!
    Then I really enjoyed the scroll of pink favs. Some were completely new to me so that made it doubly enjoyable.
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. it gave me a lift when I needed one.

  2. Lynne! Thank you for showing us this marvelous art. That snake dancer is really really something. Wowser. Love your latest painting. Especially her shoes. Nice to see you (your work, your voice) and have a great weekend! *smiles* Norma, x

  3. I would love to have a conversation with Miss Pearl Etta - she looks so stern - uh well until you get to those wild boots!

    Love your tumblr - always.

    And that Glenn Gould quote is perfection.

  4. Nice! Love all the pink! Happy Friday.

  5. Oh, Etta!
    I do love a washed-out pink. And.. I never tire of looking at Vuillard. Love all the pieces. xoxo

  6. hello, lynne - thanks for sharing these pink visions, not the least of which, your Pearl Etta. had not seen that summer garden of Klee's. great images to start this new day. -sus (snake dancer, of course, a fav).

  7. I love pearl-etta..she has the same round sweet fave as my mother who was also very small. Have a peaceful weekend! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. pink, "who knew," though that is something to think about - "what makes you stop and look/see/see/look more?" the very first photo of me as a b-a-b-y is one of my sister, two years older, holding me on her lap, seated. i'm nothing but a bundle with a face and what appears to be a size 10 shoe - huge feet. they are my sister's feet but they look attached to me! that's what i thought of when i looked at "p.e." that maybe those aren't her shoes but that maybe a small child is hidden inside within the garment and "p.e.'s" feet aren't visible. so maybe there are two figures there one seen and one hidden? x

  9. I love the collection you have here with the pink theme! I'm using a lot of pink right now, very hot pink in the last one and today's painting quite soft and muted shades, I love pink! I like your painting inspired by the other one, you've captured the delicate softness.:)

  10. Oh Lynne, that comment by Glenn Gould sounds so much like he plays, he has a very precise way of putting things, yes?
    The works are all wonderful and atmospheric, but o that Kees!

  11. It is hard to resist pink- especially pink and gold! I think my favorites are the angel and the Klee, along with Pearl Etta, of course... and the quote is so true... You made my day brighter!

  12. Pearl Etta is beautiful Lynne. I think you captured her spirit and those little boots are truly divine. Pink is such a sweet and drawing color, hard to ignore. Pink reminds me of all kinds of good things, including cotton candy.

  13. a wonderful collection you have shared!
    Love your piece with the tiny boots.

    lovely weekend to you~

  14. oh Lynne Pearl etta she is indeed a woman child and i love the way u have surrounded her with the pearls... i can imagine it was not easy to limit your choices and i love all u have selected some are old friends and some new but i kept coming back to Degas oh that man just made colour dance on the canvas its like a fleeting faerie dance and makes me feel so warm inside , i would love to go back in time and watch him paint ...
    hugz bev

  15. Pearl Etta is a pretty princess in favorite shade of pink. I have not see one painting that you have posted thank you for education. Now I want to BE in Vuillard's room he so beautifully painted. xo

  16. Pearl Etta makes me think Queen mother! something very special about her. Now I would have commented earlier but when I first read your post I had to run off and check out the significance of pink! Calming seems to be one of it's attributes. I think uplifting, magical, slightly ethereal, as in not quite red or white but this luscious mixture of both.

    And the Glenn Gould quote is great. Makes me want to start humming!

  17. Your ode to pink is just wonderful Lynne...I am smitten with some of the pictures you've posted (especially the angel) and am going to check out the links you have put up for us.
    Pearl Etta is so sweet...she warms my heart.
    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful artists with us.

    Jacky xox

  18. Lynne, These are lovely and I adore Pearl's boots.
    And that quote is spot on.

  19. Love, love, all.

    What can I say? You inspire me.

  20. Pearl Etta is gorgeous Lynne... I love her softness... and I too, love the pink in the beautiful paintings you shared... it is a wonderful thing to ponder... what attracts you to some artwork... and not others... and the quote... perfect...

    Jenny ♥

  21. well sheesh... where have i been? all this good stuff here .. and pink to you as brown is to me... pearl etta and her little boots are the bomb! xoxox

  22. It's all neautiful. I love the choices. Your work is beautiful.

  23. Oh my, what a feast for the eyes, dear Lynne! I love your sweet pink painting so much. And that Suzanne Valadon painting! I could look at it all day. (I think it's the swirls.!) :)

  24. Ilove Pearletta too. She looks like a favorite aunt of mine who was very short because of a genetic defect and I loved borrowing her shoes when I was a child! She would love it too that you painted something that was so like her! She had a child like soul!

  25. The unknow comment was by me. Why am I being called unknown?