Monday, January 14, 2013

'ulma' ~ colored pencils, graphite, tracing paper, cold wax and shell

this post is about my tracing paper/vellum/waxed paper experiments... i decided i needed a focus : )

for ulma, i first drew her on a piece of tracing paper, then i 'glued' her to the shell with cold wax, which i realized later isn't a good idea because i'm pretty sure that cold wax dries through an oxidizing process, but anyway, that's what i did.   then i put two layers of cold wax on top of the tracing paper. 

colored pencil and graphite on tracing paper

i have a manila envelope full of pieces of translucent papers, about this size, waiting to be used.  usually i draw on three or four pieces at a time;  it's nice to have a supply ready to choose from...  

the reason i haven't done a post about this sooner is that they're not easy to photograph, and these pics are particularly bad because the light was way too harsh. but, we don't have much sun these days so i quickly took them before it went away.

colored pencils and graphite on unknown paper - maybe freezer paper or baking parchment?

a washed out pic of the face that's under the one above it.  in person, it's always as if two layers somehow capture the whole person; inner and outer...

colored pencils, graphite, watercolors and waxed paper in my daily book

the bird, the flower and the sun are on pieces of waxed paper that i glued to the page.

oil paint, colored pencils and graphite on unknown paper over gouache and watercolors

i got one of my favorite papers in the mail as wrapping paper, and i don't know what it is.  i used oil paint on it here to paint the skin white, and when that dried i used colored pencils  for the lips, hat, eyes, etc.   instead of gluing just the edges down, i glued the whole thing, which i don't like - it's really hard to get all of the ripples out.

colored pencils and graphite on tracing paper over watercolors

 colored pencils and graphite on vellum over photograph

basically i like to cover stuff up with thin paper!!

colored pencils, graphite and oil pastel on tracing paper

i used oil pastel for the skin on this face - it's over a jewelry advertisement from a magazine.

colored pencils and graphite on tracing paper

i glued the tracing paper down only at the top so i can lift it up to look at my color mixing experiments underneath.

just in case any of  this might give you some ideas... 

* * * 

Tabitha Vevers - 'Pearlmaker VI', oil & gold leaf on oyster shell

and now for something really wonderful!  this is an oil painting on an oyster shell by tabitha vevers...  there are more paintings on shells here if you'd like to take a look.  a friend sent me a link to this painting this morning, and i've been thinking about it all day...


  1. This is a really interesting post and so well timed I was playing with tracing paper just yesterday! Unfortunately I found it buckled a lot when glued down, I wonder, do you happen to know of a transparent/ translucent paper which doesn't do this please? :) x

  2. I think it is all really wonderful! I want to try painting on thin paper if only I can locate my tablet of tracing paper.
    You are always an inspiration Lynn.
    So generous with your ideas ♥♥♥

  3. Very cool process - you are an inspiration.

    Love the way you build the layers - almost like silk screening, but your process allows us to see each layer.

    And the concept of seeing the inner and outer at the same time is also very cool . . . .

  4. just saw your beautiful jewelry girl on pinterest this morning... oh and i don't know if you have a michaels nearby, but they have strathmore on sale... xxooxx

  5. I love your experimenting ART Lynne! fabulous pieces all of them !


    Thank you for sharing and explaining what you do!
    I am so happy with your teabagtipps ever since I wrote abut here!
    I have fun with this techniqe and have to say THANK YOU once more!

  6. dear lynn, you always capture the "whole of the inside." have you tried parchment paper -

  7. Lynne they have such a gentle and timeless look about them, at first I thought you had made a porcelain plate and painted on it........
    and wonder if you have ever worked with porcelain paper clay?

  8. One of the papers I use is cooking parchment... I love how you experiment. Only you could use all these elements and produce lovely art. xoxo

  9. I love your experiments. My favourite is the one over the photograph. There is something so enticing to me about this layering.

    Did you use conventional cold wax in the first one? I made some cold wax recently with gamsol and beeswax.

  10. You are on a roll sweet woman.
    I can't quit scrolling up and down and looking at all these lovely and adorable characters. LOVE the ethereal quality of sheer paper magical. That tulip is gorgeous over the paint experiments and that girl above that is phenomenal. WOW she looks so delicate and entrancing. Now that my heart is full of your delightful spirit and inspiration, I can't wait to get into my studio for the afternoon. Paints here I can whoooooo hooooooo!!!!!

  11. Well this was a real treat. I loved seeing all the different uses and the delicate happenings from using the vellum.
    The seashell painting caught my eye too so I went visiting her site but no images of the shell series. I admit I had a really good laugh over her painting "I can't hear you I'm peeing!"
    I will be back!

  12. gorgeous love them all and thanks for the link ...
    hugz bev

  13. hello Lynne,

    so good to see what you have been breathing life into.

    the translucent papers are a wonderful addition to your art and whimsy. each piece is a joy to see.


  14. This is one of my favorite posts you've done. I adore lightweight and see-thru paper. Always a surprise to see what you are doing.

  15. I love visiting you and your creative process...your marks are so sacred and the images of your spirits seem to be so human. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  16. I needed this dollop of inspiration and creative joy today, Lynne. thanks.

  17. Oh how delicate these images appear, with the transulcent paper on top. You must be having such fun experimenting. JOY. ox

  18. Hi Lynne, thank you so much for your comment on my blog and the help with vellum :) x

  19. Lynne, It is all so wonderful. I love the rabbit boy.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. I love this layering, with the vellum, transparent papers. Adds an air of mystery, and a sense of softness...gentling.

    Enjoying your play and experimenting.

    jacky xox

  21. Hi Lynne.... I have read and re-read this post over and over. I love the layered effect so much. There is always something else to reveal. Tabitha's shell paintings are amazing as are yours. This will link you to a new/old blog I have resurrected. So glad to be back. xoxo Sandy

  22. Hi Lynne. What a nice surprise to see ulma looking back at me! Thank you for all the details of your experiments. You are very generous to you followers.

  23. I love everything here. Everything!

  24. I think your creations always capture the inner person, and it always seems to be a gentle and wise person, no matter what medium you use. Translucent layers just add to the magic. The transformation of the jewelry add is more than amazing. A whole story in that barely visible face...

  25. If you ever stopped blogging I would be devastated. I would have to drive all the way there to see your art. I love all these Lynne Hoppe signature faces here...favorites...the first shell and oh the bunny suit. They are quirky and charming and beautiful all at once.

    Tabitha Vevers...yes.


  26. Ton blog me paraît vraiment intéressant. Tes explications sont claires, tes idées, imaginatives. Le tout peut susciter des vocations artistiques.