Thursday, November 8, 2012

some things i've drawn in my 'daily book' lately...     i used watercolors and watercolor pencils, a mechanical pencil, an 8B pencil, and an occasional colored pencil...

marge, tom, sue ann, and a woodpecker feather...

when we were on our trip, roxanne figured out that it's easier to draw a tree if you start drawing at the tip of the branches and draw down to form the trunk/bigger branches.  

we went on quite the tree drawing jag after this discovery... 

my hair elastic thingie was laying on the page and i liked it so much i painted it in.  (the real thing looked better, though)

the idea for strands of jewels in the trees came from alena hennessey's book 'cultivating your creative life...'

and this bird is my attempt at copying a bird from the same book...  i like alena's drawings...

i want to put dangly jewels everywhere now...

prismacolor pencils and graphite on piece of shell

i know, it's not my daily book; they're just so dang smile making...  : )

* * *

“The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”

~ Piet Mondrian


  1. i am mesmerized by everything you do...

  2. Lynne I just love looking at the pages from your daily book...and those bejewelled trees, they are wonderful. I like how you want to have danglie things everywhere now!
    Love your wild pony and always your deer. We have a lot of deer out in our paddocks at the moment...I love them too. Antlers are wonderful (on people too).

    Love your little drawing on the piece of shell.

    Jacky xox

    guess what...ordered my wOils today from Dickblick. Cant wait to play with them. XXX

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful post! The drawing on the shell is just enchanting.

  4. What an interesting idea about trees, I often find it a bit difficult to get them looking right first time and find I often paint/ draw them two or three times, I will have to try this method :)

    Love the painting on shell. I must try some work on small fragments of things like this one day, I have a little box of them but haven't gotten around to trying yet.

    Love your work so much.

  5. Nice to see your daily book again! Wow, what a great tip on tree drawing. I've always found it difficult to get graceful V's for the limbs and branches. Will be fun to practice this weekend. Thanks again!!! LOVE the deer!

  6. Well, Lynne - I am delighted to see your drawings and always love your horses! O of course I will try starting at the end of the branches - love, sus

  7. Lynne, I love them all, each and every wonderful one. That shell is a tiny sweet lucky charm.

  8. thank you for sharing your drawings

    i find them to be entirely charming

    joy in my morning

    this quote: “The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” this is my personal experience...

    thank you for being lovely you ~

  9. A true 100% genu-INE Lynne post complete with awesome art and bits of life and experiment. I love every single page...every little bit...even your hair thingy painted in.

    Gonna have to try little gems hanging from the tree and also drawing the tree backwards. Never thought of that.

  10. Lynne, what a lovely way to draw tree branches. I'm going to try it out myself. Your paintings make me smile. Thank you.
    Last week I attended a workshop with Steven Aimone. Wonderful energy and experience for me. Workshops are worth every exhausting moment!

  11. so enjoy seeing your sketchbook - the first image is just stunning in its own simple way - I'm smiling big here turning the pages! xox

  12. ..and your blog, visiting, stopping in, taking a moment is a jewel too... the best kind. I'm so happy you share your square space with us...and your trees are a delight..tender, seeking the sky, expanding their reach upward. hmmmmmmm simple love, sweet pleasures...ooxxoo

  13. Oh I love these so much, especially the feather on a string. Poetry!

    And the horse on the branch.

    wishing you sunshine

  14. your art is just so magical..... these lovely little faces make me smile! The garland is so you. Love it on the antlers. So happy to hear all about your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing. HUGS!

  15. Lynne! I agree!! This post is pure delight... magic pours from your hands, I know, I watched it. Love seeing your journal again, and your beautiful trees and your wild pony... just like old friends. And your girl dear is a beauty, that is for sure!!

  16. So much beautiful and intuitive art lynn, your work is always inspirational. Thanks for the link to the book by Alena Hennessy, definately one for my list:)

  17. i love seeing your journal !
    i like the tree idea . i will have to try drawing one .

  18. oh wow love this post , love Marge shes so cool and the bird well its sort of magical and the trees i like the idea of drawing from the tips of branches down so going to try that ...dangly things what a wonderful necklace that would make , just so special ... hugz gurlfren xoxo

  19. Piet said that, did he; makes sense.

  20. The last image has me smiling from ear to ear. Actually I've been smiling throughout this delicious post.

  21. ! you painted a shell.
    brilliant. i want to do one million oil paintings on shells now.

    i love when you post.

    i'm never disappointed.


  22. Beautiful post so full of lovelyness and inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work. I need to go and look at it again!

  23. Enchanting, as always! Your trees are so darling, and the jewels on them remind me of happy, happy bees.

  24. I just love your sweet, soft little paintings! you give me good reason to keep making art in books...

  25. Hi Lynne!
    These drawings/paintings are so tender and fine. I like them :-) and the tiny face in the shell is just beautiful.

  26. I LOVE the shell piece. Your work sings.

  27. I like these delicate little people , so poétic !