Sunday, September 16, 2012

prismacolor pencils on stick

it seems more like three decades than three weeks since i last posted...  i've drawn on a lot of sticks, stones and rusty stuff since then!   we had a great, busy time

and we walked so much! 

 my sister, carole

on trails around here,

  near mill creek falls

in eastern california,

and on the coast.  carole had a pedometer so i know that we walked 8 - 10 miles several times, and 4 - 6 miles per day *many* times.  surely my leg muscles are stronger than they've been in years!

me on a driftwood log, 'big lagoon' off hwy. 101, northern california

we walked and walked...

pacific ocean near crescent city, CA

and saw a lot of these - plural!

a western red cedar not far from here...

 carole standing next to a redwood in 'redwood national park'

carole drawing in the redwoods at mill creek campground near crescent city, CA

the large mossy shape on the left is a redwood stump...  my favorite thing about being with the redwoods is that everyone marvels over and loves trees in their presence...

around here we started two new shrine trees... 

we did so much, saw so much;  i think there were two days out of 21 when we just kicked back and rested.  and did laundry.

 carole and me

on our way back from the coast we visited roxanne, who took this pic.  we were modeling our new scarves for her - and roasting, lol!

i printed out a a bunch of pogo prints;  i completely filled up the 'daily book' i was working in.

albrecht durer watercolor pencils in stillman and birn gamma, 4" x 6"

and i drew a lot of these beings;  i just keep drawing them and drawing them!

the day after she left i went out walking, but instead of taking colored pencils (for drawing on sticks, etc.) i took my daily book and watercolors.  i finished decorating all of the pogo print pages that were left and have started in a new book...

thank you to *everyone* who left kind comments to my last post - i appreciate them!  i wish you all a beautiful fall (or spring, as the case may be).   here the fall light is so incredibly beautiful now - i just want to be out in it as much as i can...

* * *

“The meaning of the work is in the doing of it.”

~ Cy Twombly


  1. How sweet to be the first one to comment (for a change:).
    Beautiful landscape, beautiful sisters (and scarves), how wonderful it must have been. I know that my time with my sister earlier this summer in Paris was just that, wonderful!

  2. Sounds like my kind of break. Walking ... and walking in nature. "Loves Trees(and hawks)"...yes! Your mythical beings need to be drawn and enjoyed by all those who are lucky enough to see them. Glad you had such a great time with your sister.

  3. Welcome home lovely to see you're back and see all of your amazing photos! Those trees... they make me swoon.
    Looks like a wonderful time was had by you and Carole. Sister time...very special time. What sights you saw and shared.
    And to finish your daily journal...your days must have been so full to the brim.

    Jacky xox

  4. What a gorgeous post Lynne... ive hardly found time to blog for too long so i am skipping about havng a delightful time whilst waiting for a flight at the airport.

    SOOO pleased i stopped by here... quite wonderful this most recent expedition!

  5. What a gorgeous post Lynne... ive hardly found time to blog for too long so i am skipping about havng a delightful time whilst waiting for a flight at the airport.

    SOOO pleased i stopped by here... quite wonderful this most recent expedition!

  6. This sounds like such a lovely time with your sister Lynne, and lots of lovely things to share at the end!

  7. Lynn, I am so glad you are back, I missed you! This has been a very sad week for me and you have cheered me up. The picture of you and your sister is beautiful and my god I love the trees. Sweet "beings too".

  8. What a beautiful world! Love your stick-totem

    and the driftwood log image is impeccable! Such a tribute to time with a sister. Glad you are outside and smiling.

  9. Yay! Lynne is back! I was just thinking yesterday how I missed your posts...your beings, your love of nature, your work on rocks...I love coming here. You are an inspiration to me Lynne. So lovely to see you and your sister had all that time together and enjoyed it! I hope it won't be too long before you are together again!

    Now I want to return to Crescent City...that rolling green against the coast...and YES the TREES!!! We were there with our boys in 2001 and we fell in love with that part of the country.

    Welcome back!! You were missed! xoxoxo

  10. Thank you so much for taking time from the sweet living of this beautiful life to share your treasured discoveries with us !
    How I love your eye.
    Love, light and beautiful living to you, Magical One !

  11. what a lovely tour, sounds like a wonderful trip. Lucky you to have a sister who shares your passions.

    thanks so much for sharing your trip, I felt somehow I was there too, a little breath of fresh air for the soul.

  12. Lynne, your photographs of your trip are lovely --
    the trees, the walking...
    inland, cliffside and oceanside.
    I am so glad I got to meet Carole,
    I loved hearing you laugh together.
    My favorite scarf is the green one.
    It is most beauteous on you!!
    The moss heart,
    and I love hawks too...(well, I know we all do!)
    Welcome home to your flowing Rush Creek.
    I will see you soon.

  13. What a wonderful vacation! But, I'm so glad you are back. I have missed your posts as they are always so interesting. Love the creatures you are making these days. Yeah!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful time Lynne. I think I need to come visit you so we can do some walking together.

    Glad you're back. We've missed you here. :-)

  15. What a wondrous thing a sister is! You always inspire me, Lynne! Those trees are so mysterious and beautiful - wish I could live near them again - maybe someday!

  16. Such a stupendous part of the state and you two really took advantage of it, I loved seeing all the nature and happy , glowing faces. Lots of fodder for future Lynne Art!

  17. Oh u wont believe it i did a "Lynne" watercolour ladies face last night so i must have known something, well i was missing your posts lol and here u thought u wouldnt get Carol to move around much lol well sounds like u both had a trip to always remember , at our ages these things are good... glad your back

    hugz bev

  18. i enjoyed seeing photos of your lovely time with your sister. Fun also to see the two of you and the arts you enjoyed. Lovely ending days of summer to you.

  19. Oh I've missed you so. What an amazing adventure you and your sister had. The photos are fantastic. If I squint my eyes, stand quite still, and tilt my head skyward, I can almost see those towering redwoods high above my head...ah yes indeed. Fall has arrived, cool air and the scent of fireplaces being fired up is prevalent. Love it.

  20. YAY, so happy you are back! What a wonderful 3 weeks you had w/ your sister. Busy girls!! Thanks for sharing it with us! Missed You! xo Sandy

  21. How sweet to spend
    walking time
    waking moments
    with Sister and the Trees.
    Welcome back to Blogland, Lynne! -sus

  22. I'm thinking the trees and the hawks love you for leaving them your wonderful art and love notes scattered along the trails.

    What fun to be able to create such wonderful memories with your sister. How fortunate you two can spend such a long time together hiking and talking and just being.


  23. The pictures of you and Carole are wonderful! You two look relaxed and fit. :) Thank you for taking us through all these beautiful places!

  24. I like your painted stick, I wouldn't have thought of using pencils to draw on them, it looks fun. The ocean picture looks stunning, so too the giant Redwood trees! It's lovely to see you in the photo, thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. :)
    Jess xx

  25. So nice to be brought along on your adventures. You are your sister look like you were having the best time, exploring nature. Makes me want to make a getaway from NYC.

  26. Wow, Lynne - what an amazing trip - thank you so much for "taking us" with you!
    (I love the photo of you and Carole... Such joy!)


  27. gad you had such a good time with your sis, and walking so much, sounds wonderful... who knew primacolors looked so good on wood.. glad you are back.. xox

  28. I'm glad you had such a great trip with your sister! Those trees get me every time, too. Welcome back!

  29. hi lynne, lovely to meet you in the pictures! a walking holiday... that would be something up my street.
    i think i want to take cy twombly's quote to heart too..
    may i invite you to next weekend's drawing challenge.

  30. How nice to share that time with your sister. You have such wonderful woods to wander in, that it makes me want to break out my traveling shoes.

  31. Hi Lynne, what a beautiful holiday, spent with your sister! What a special time together that must have been. Those big beautiful trees, oh to be in their presence and feel their magic! I can't tell you how much I treasure trees, being around them, listening to them, feeling their energy. I'm not one for fancy words, but oh I love them. Such a gorgeous post. ox

  32. I LOVE the stick!
    I was just wondering this morning how to easily get photos into my AJ. The Pogo perhaps?

  33. You saw Roxanne?!? How lucky are you two people!?

    Well, I must say that Crescent City is one of my favorite ever places that I visited when we went up to Portland. And I think I was right where you stopped in the forest! In fact, I think I carved my initials in that root!


  34. Hi Lynne, I've been reading but not commenting much since school started. It looks like you and your sister had a wonderful time- my kind of vacation! I love the big trees and wish I was there to give them all big hugs. I love the painted stick, but where are conch shell and can of beans? hehe!