Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pigma pen and colored pencils in pocket moleskine

a couple of weeks ago, when i was out in the big city, i stopped by barnes and noble and bought a pocket moleskine; i was jonesin' for a smooth, blank page... since i decided to only put paintings in 'the merry men', that left me with nowhere to write, put pogo prints, or doodle. doodling is an essential activity for me...

so now i'm doodling again - and practicing different styles of writing. i adore the work of people like sophie blackall, whose writing style totally sends me...

* * *

'face painter' ~ sophie blackall

sophie has a book coming out soon!



  1. i have the doodle bug lately too. I never really used my sketchbooks as much as i do now. I think it keeps me spontaneous.

    (the sketching that is. because who cares what happens in the sketchbook.)

    oh forget it. i didn't make sense.


  2. I always find such inspiration coming to your blog, thank you.

  3. oooh I love what you did with that quote, made me wanna swim... ; D

  4. love the Anais Nin quote. Ain't it the truth! And the small faces are divine. Do you remember that group "The Small Faces" from the 60's?

    Now you have inspired me about text. I love using text in my work but am not a calligrapher and think my hand is not good enough. Time to doodle with text! Thanks, Lynne!

  5. I love my pocket moleskine. Here's to filling ours up!

  6. Hello dearest...and I'm giving you a heart felt wave back!

    XX ~Susan

  7. Love the quote - have always loved Anais NIn -- your faces look swimmingly beautiful and match the quote perfectly. I need to doodle more - you are an inspiration!

  8. Hi Lynn....thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your suggestion about adding my email address was taken to heart as I didn't realize it was nowhere to be found on my site. I love your work and you are so inspiring!
    xoxo Cynthia

  9. I love playing at calligraphy. I don't think I could ever consider being one as I am too fond of breaking all the rules. LOL

    Love the little faces. Your work always get my motor revved up. :)


  10. I am a collector of quotes and just spent more time than I should looking through my notebooks for a *pattern* quote. I have so many by Anais Nin, and here you are...
    I love your lettering...and
    Jeanette made me choke on my wine a little ☺

  11. I salute the power of doodle-ing! (thanks for the mention of Sophie - I like)! -sus

  12. NOTHING compares to the word written by the hand. Oh what lettering!!! Love your doodles. Norma, x