Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy spring!

yeah, well of course i made a new book!

now that i'm home i used some watercolors and oil pastels.

the crown bled through to the back so this Being has one too...

mostly i stuck to colored pencils, though...

the cover so far - inspired by jeane and her muslin gluing down... at the rate i'm going it's gonna change a lot by the time the book's done.

i spent most of my days outside last week - it was glorious! we made a trip to mt. shasta...

still a lot of snow there.

we saw sandhill cranes on the way! oh, i love, love, these birds...

i drew on some sticks...

and a can. there's a lot of stuff out there to draw on!

happy spring!



  1. Wow. Lynne, if I'd known you'd be so close to me we could have met. Well, next time.
    Mt.Shasta looks awesome. You must live in a gorgeous area.

  2. How fantastic to see all that snow on Shasta... that's got to be really good news this year.


  3. How'd I know you'd be going to the MT? My last name rhymes with Mountain: Brattain. I sure enjoy seeing your faces but I haven't discovered any more in my work lately.

  4. Just love that rusty tin you drew on...there sure are plenty of things out there to draw on!
    Love your latest faces, especially with the chicken bits and seeing the lovely Mt. Shasta again and all of that snow.

    Jacky xox

  5. Your book is so beautiful,is it hard to paint on muslin,I would think it would be. Also love how you just paint on things like the stick and can!

  6. My goodness, you create wondrously beautiful art!
    Happy Spring to you~

  7. Happy Spring! The book is fantastic. Everything is beautiful!! Love the sticks..... but I'm sure you already knew that!!

  8. Oh Lynne...YOUR HOME!!!! I have missed you! It sounds and looks like you are so refreshed, I love all the faces, the stick and the can, and knowing you are back and had some wonderful familly time! sending love, roanne

  9. Lynne Lynne Lynne
    Is Ms Chook Head for sale? Is she? Is she?

  10. I'm such an idiot. She's part of the book. Is the book for sale?

  11. Loving the book -- the faces and that cover!!

  12. When it's done of course.

    that's called 'buying off the plan'

  13. hello to the rooster head and the jug head, too. i am so enjoying seeing all your face books unfold. they make me feel better. :0) not that i am feeling poorly. they just elevate me happily.

  14. Yes, happy spring to you and your many faces! -J

  15. Lynne guerrilla/woodland art is just the best! I'd love to be wondering around in the woods and find your miraculous little treasures. They never fail to bring a big smile to my whole body. Hoping for spring sometime soon here.

  16. hey deborah, yes, next time! i hope this finds you well... : )

    julie, it was a banner year for snow on mt. shasta. at times they had to close the ski park there was so much snow! xo

    hee, jan! no more faces?! i better send more your way... ; ) xo

    hiya jacky... thank you... : )

    hi buffy, no, it isn't hard to paint on muslin after you've 'prepared' it with acrylic paint. sort of like gessoing a canvas. thank you... : )

    thank you, shayna!

    hey manon, hope you're having a sunshiney, beautiful time in AZ! happy spring back atcha! xo

    roxanne! i am blowing you kisses!! i will write soon - have missed you too! xo

    loani - i'll e-mail you! that chook just jumped onto the page.

    back atcha, cynjon!

    thank you, seth... : )

    okay, kelly. if they make you feel even half as good as your paintings make me feel, i'm happy. : )

    thanks, jayne!

    kathy, i hope spring comes there soon, too... i know it's been a cold winter there. love, love to you... (and thank you : )

  17. Dear Lynne...thank you so much for the is wonderful..looking forward to giving it a try. I will let you know how it went...what a great texture and color...Great to see how quickly your little canvas books sold! wonderful...d

  18. thanks for your message Beautiful Woman, i will answer soon(ish).. Loving your Faces..

  19. Lynne,

    Happy Spring to you too. Love, love, love your books! and your drawings on sticks are fabulous! If you like birds you should check out my hubbys photos there is a link on my blog. Tim Zurowski is his name and photography is his game and birds his favorite subject.

    I can't tell you how much your faces inspire me. Oh and killer boots! :)


  20. Happy Spring to you and Mt Shasta... do you think the mountain cries out under that snow for some warm sunlight and a bit of green roots stretching through and grass and birds?

    Its been warmish here, almost eighty one day and seventies but also cooler... spring flowers out and about... you are in bloom always!

    Exo Blessings

  21. Thankyou for the beautiful comment. xox

    I miss the snow-capped mountains, so lovely to see one. In Australia, the mountains are so old they no longer reach high enough to be topped in snow.

    So wonderful to see the loving faces. I especially adore little chicken-head and your drawing on the rusty tin can.

    I hope you keep spreading your wonderful drawing-love.

  22. The art is on everplaces, nice job :)