Wednesday, August 26, 2009

powerful hearts

last week i received a beautiful package from teri mahl of working the earth... there were miscellaneous treasures in it, but the most amazing one

was a bag that she made for me... for the front flap she used a piece of fabric that i sent her a few weeks ago in a package of tree flags. i thought she might be able to use the fabric (barkcloth from old curtains a friend recently gave me) -- i had no idea that she and her daughters made bags to sell, or that she even sewed! i just liked it so i stuck it in there. she not only made the bag, she painted the crow and other gorgeousness on it... i call it my 'soul bag' - you know how some people have soul mates, well this is my soul bag. the middle pic is me wearing it just after i got it. it goes with blue jeans *perfectly*.

thank you so very much, teri...

this doll was part of my sister's birthday present, and what i spent a good part of last week working on. here she is sitting amidst the mess at the end of the process, a mere few days ago. (can you hear me telling her to watch out for wet paint?) my sister *totally* ignored the instructions on the box and opened the package today, four days before her birthday!

i also worked in my Barely There Book...

the lines of this face were already on the page, i just filled them in with paint and oil pastels. it was so rewarding that i kept going in that vein...

it didn't work on this page so i set the whistling dogs to it!

finis - the front and back covers... i waited until the end to paint the small front page so it'd 'fit in'...

and then i started in a new muslin book...

it took me until this page to figure out why i wasn't liking the surface of the pages... at first i thought i'd used too much acrylic on them, but then i realized it was because this book was made from a different batch of muslin which has a looser weave, which made the surface rougher. so much for that muslin when it comes to books... i'm gonna add a note to the step-by-step about this - small differences in weave make a big difference when it comes to drawing and painting on it. the tighter the weave the better, unless you want a rough surface.

so i 've made another book with the Nice Muslin... : )

this is what happens when you go to michael's because you have a 45% off all paint, pencils, oil pastels (etc. etc.) coupon. you come home and use all your new stuff one page!! i got some new oil pastels, soft pastel pencils, and, and...

i found another gregory grenon face in a magazine this week. i'm crazy about gregory grenon's faces...

i'm all over the place with the quotes i'm ending with lately, but i guess that's okay. i read these words by annie dillard this week and they really resonated...

Rembrandt and Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Gauguin, possessed, I believe, powerful hearts, not powerful wills. They loved the range of materials they used. The work's possibilities excited them; the field's complexities fired their imaginations. The caring suggested the tasks; the tasks suggested the schedules. They learned their fields and then loved them. They worked, respectfully, out of their love and knowledge, and they produced complex bodies of work that endure. Then, and only then, the world flapped at them some sort of hat, which, if they were still living, they ignored as well as they could, to keep at their tasks.

Annie Dillard, from The Writing Life

if you have a few minutes...



  1. I love this quote Lynne...thank you for sharing.
    Your soul bag is wonderful, what a lovely gift. I can see you trekking through the wood with all of your art supplies at the ready.
    Gorgeous new muslin pages, like the sort of animal theme and great tip for the muslin.
    Ooohhhh wish we had Michaels in Australia,they have some wonderful bargains!!!

    Jacky xox

  2. Your gift from Teri is beautiful! Lucky girl!

    love the much! I couldn't of waited either!

    good muslin and bad muslin.... glad you found the right one for all those incredible paintings you do!!


    love the heart painting : )

  3. What a totally delicious post Lynne - loved it all! that bag is great too! - that Annie Dillard book is one of the favorites on my shelf!!

  4. what a beautiful gift! both the bag and the doll! what a visually chewy post! I loves it! loved the Dillard quote. my other Dillard fav is The Living.
    just beautiful work as always!

  5. Wowser you've been busy. Let's see if I can remember everything, love the doll and I bet she knew you would be sending something fantastic which is why she opened it so early. I would have too.:)
    What a wonderful surprise, your soul bag. She did a beautiful job on it. What a sweet thing to do.
    The books are wonderful as always. I love looking at the wonderful drawings. You have to remind me sometime how you do those? I gather you are looking at what emerges from the paint?
    Muslin is tricky. For most of my sewing I use untreated cotton but not the cheapest brand. One that has a nice feel to the touch. I can see that it could be a problem for painting though. :)Bea

  6. Darn! I just love, love your work! I wish you were my neighbor!

    How cute the look on the first cloth picture under the post of your sister opening her wonderful present four days before she was suppose to. It is how I would look if my sister didn't listen to my instructions!

    Your books are getting better and better! Thank you for sharing them!

  7. Whenever I see your new post I get all jittery and excited by the enormous volume of inspiration at hand! wow! you are a rockstar!!!!!!!!

  8. Ok I am back again! I just ironed some of my stained pieces of muslin...I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to actually painting on them, just playing with them. It really is exciting! Some forms take shape naturally and some have to be thought out like a lot of art! Anyway LH you really should publish a book on this whole thing you have going here! Oh would I love to have a book to skim through and see all of what you have done. Of course I visit your blog everyday just to look at your pieces over and over again!

  9. The Follow your Bliss page is sheer delight and the doll is just amazing! Lynne your artistic energy is in full gallop.

  10. I just love all the new critter images Lynne, they are so adorable! Interesting about the different muslin weaves - I wonder how you know ahead of time, if your ordering it. Can you get it like with bed sheets - via thread count?! You are just amazing me, as this artwork pours from your powerful heart!
    xox Karin

  11. There's so much damn creativity here I can't even stand it!

    Don't you love Dillard? But she stopped calling me, so I prolly said something.

    This is a groovy quote, and isn't it so clear and true?


  12. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog--hope you enjoy the CPS article when you get it. What a creative surge you must be having. Such great stuff you're doing!

  13. Love all those fantastical part human part animal paintings and the technique you use seems to lend itself so excellently to the washing from one crazy part to another. They are dream feeders.

    Noice doll too. You didn't really expect your sister to WAIT did you?

  14. Thank you.
    Fabulous post
    So much info, I have to read it again.
    xox, Lisa

  15. Very much enjoying these emerging creatures from your painting. The soul bag is fabulous but what I really want to know is what are you wearing the the photo? Some kind of pieced together shirt/jacket? It looks oh so casual and comfortable and crafted.

  16. hello beautiful U~

    i think Ray would easily break the very last peice of hay left in our hearts... his voice could start a fire in mine.

    so your sister is a virgo too... hmmm... i realize tonight that you really do have your own distinctive style; its owned and you. That is a gift to behold!

    love these all; the little goat face with one born hoof and one large eye and a tie, my fav...

    and that you send fabric unknown, so Truth in that... lol...

    exoblessings abounding ...
    its almost a birthday, so happy happy blessings to you radiant one! every day is a miracle, yes!

  17. What a wonderful gift to receive! And those muslin pages - they keep getting better and better!!

  18. hiya jacky... hee, the animal theme... they just showed up. and kept showing up. ; ) and you're welcome for the quote - i sure loved it. xo

    lol, manon, i may have set a record 'cuz i think that's the only heart in that book - shocking! thank you about the doll!

    thank you rosie!

    hi caterina! omg, visually chewy! that is just the top of the totem pole is it not?! when i finish here i'm heading over to your blog to catch up... (and thank you!) xo

    hi bea, yeah, the muslin has to have a nice hand - softish, smoothish... for drawing these creatures i look at the page not really focusing on anything in particular and see what shapes are there. then draw them in with pencil and proceed. i seem to have a lot of animals visiting me. ; ) it seems to me like welcoming whoever shows up at your party rather than having a specific guest list... i must go 'get' teri and tell her to come see all of the nice things people are saying about her bag... thanks for your lovely comment, bea.

    lol, janine, i do believe you're right! that's me giving my sister 'the look'!! thank you!

    caroline, my rock star friend -- i swear that's the way i feel about YOU!! thank you, sweet woman... xo

    janine, before i forget, i did try using a bleach pen and it works great. although i haven't used it yet on pages that i've already put the acrylic on. you are nice about the book! i will ponder it... : ) and thank you!

    hi robyn, thank you, you galluper you... ;)

    hey karin, well, i don't know if you can buy muslin by the thread count or not... you *should* be able to, lol. the critters just kept showing up... :) xo

    yeah, chris, it *is* so clear and so true - could not be any more crystal clear!! oh i bet annie'll be back... ; )

    robin! barnes and noble didn't have the latest issue! oh i was bummed! we only go to the big city every few weeks -- but i *will* get it next time!

    thank you, loani... yeah, dream feeders... that's perfect... sometimes i wonder how the heck one part will fade into another, but it seems to happen. uh huh, i DID expect her to wait! : )

    thank you lisa... very much... : )

    jan, that is just the coolest top i think i've ever owned. it's pieced together rayon (or something, i don't know - it's very old fashioned looking whatever it is). i got it at a sort of 'hippie shop' at least 10 years ago in blacksburg, VA. i swear even the rags from it'll be cool! (you have a very good eye : )

    m., ain't it the truth... that man's voice - ahhhhh... his lyrics, and the instruments he chooses! i love the instruments!

    yeah, my sister is a virgo too, and so is my brother. three virgo kids in one family. a whole lotta virgo...

    i like the goat face creature too - with a tie! what a gift...

    you're birthday is coming soon also... happy, bliss filled exoblessing to you. just raining down... (do you know the poem by hafiz called 'holy fallout'? oh i love that poem...) xo

    thank you, seth! yes, the bag was the most wonderful gift... and the pages continue to evolve!

  19. we have to make a birthday wish... bind them with exoblessings raining down...

    i am going to google the poem, xoxoox... etc.

  20. I came here from Seth's blog. I can see why he comes here! Such lovely books and loads of inspiration. That bag is certainly very cool! Lucky you:)

  21. so so much to love here Lynne! your new bag is just wonderful -and the DOLL! - so unique to you and who you are and of course your work - I'm loving your approach of bringing out what is there - you might like one of my favorite artists - Alexander Innes - - this guy just knocks me out and also I just found someone else in Portland that you might like - Rick Bartow - you can find his work at and he also has several books about himself and his work :)

  22. m., should we set a date... or just do it and bind them extravagantly as they fly off?! xo

    hi lisa, thank you for you nice words and many thanks for stopping by!

    jeane, gawd... this rick bartow knocks my socks off. yes, alexander innes too, but rick bartow just blows they way into outer space. i was getting ready to go paint before i checked in here. now i'm *totally* inspired. thank you! (and what a great photo of rick bartow at the froelick site)

  23. Hi Lynne...I'm still gawking at the pics here :) and really great quote too.
    Your "barely there" paintings are just amazing me...
    Great bag...what a gift! I like how you dubbed it your "soul bag". Jo xx

  24. ah... we should do it every night during Virgo time, or then every night always or always! Can we sustain exoblessing raining out and receiving for ever and ever... Pow!

    :**) radient stars coming at U. LOL.

  25. Hi Lynne: Lots and lots AND lots of "happy" here : ) as always, thank you for sharing your wonderful art & heart : ) love the Annie Dillard quote - how true - one can NEVER have enough artistic materials !!! Sooooo, happy b'day to YOU, happpy b'day toooo YOU, happppy b'day to yooooo, happpppy b'day to uuuuuu (that's me singing, ha) !!!! I am having way tooo much fun, like someone I just happen to be sooo inspired by ; ) playing with my muslin pages in my art journal, liking some pages more than others but then I get to rubb-a-dubb more paint and suddently I get to play sum-or : ) just wanted to pop-in and say "hi" soooooo "hi" and if it's your b'day THIS weeek ?? hope you have many, many "xoblessing rains" and fun times : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  26. Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh sorrry - I forgot to let you know how much I LOVE that little girl-drawing reaching for the little flower - I LOVE THEM alll, but she is just the cutest : )
    Blessings, Sandra : )

  27. I am so blown away by your muslin books.

    Everytime I come here and see them Lynne, I seriously drool.

    What a gift to just look at your work.

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. Wonderful post. The doll is fantastic!

  29. hiya jo, thank you... always love to see you here... : )

    m., for starters we'll try every night during virgo time... surely we can sustain exoblessings sending out and receiving indefinitely, though... we will give virgo time a whirl first... xo

    hey sandra! hee, i'm getting a huge hit of 'happy' from your words -- thank you! and thank you for singing happy birthday to me! i come at the tail end of virgo - on the cusp of libra. but i've got virgo ascendant so that makes up for it. ;) yeah, isn't that the way - we get to play sum-or when we don't like what we get the first time (or the second or third)... exoblessing rain to you too, sweet smile maker... (oh, the girl - she made me smile too. for me flowers are representing gentleness and kindness lately, and she is reaching for it...)

    renee, that is the NICEst thing to say... thank you very much. xo

    thank you, mary-laure! i appreciate your kind words and your visit.

  30. hey sweetie! Love the new bag - most excellent and so perfect for your own little self.
    New menagerie is quite amazing, such a delicious variety of critters. And those dolls remain just downright cool. But I'm tellin' ya - your eyes always get me the most - so penetrating, so intense.
    big smooches and soft blessings ...

  31. Lynn, I'm I love with that song and can't stop playing it. Another posting full of riches. Your doll especially sticks in my mind but those muslins...just gorgeous x

  32. I have just recently discovered your wonder blog - I seriously covet a barely there book - so, guess who will be busy the rest of this week creating from your tutorial! I just got a new book on nature journals and will definitely be using that information in my new Barely There! Thank you, thank you, for sharing! May I add your blog to my sidebar as favorite places to visit?

  33. hey kathy! yeah, that bag is awesome and it looks *so good* with my new havaianas!! smooches to you, my friend... xo

    lumi, lol, i know... that song... i swear i *never* tire of hearing it... and thank you... : )

    hee, olivia! that makes me so happy! oh, i think the potential for nature journaling and barely there is huge!

    thank you for your kind words, and i'd be honored to be in your sidebar...

  34. I thought I had left a comment here, but I guess not... I love this doll! Especially her wings... and I love all your new art... the way you soak in what you learn from all your books and your world and just CREATE... Roxanne