Sunday, June 7, 2009

devil angel me

prior to painting this page i thought that devil lynne sat on one shoulder and angel lynne on the other... angel me on one side reminding me that everything is a reflection of me, so why get upset; why shoot the messenger? (metaphorically speaking, of course...) on the other side devil me quickly responds with the same thing every time -- shoot the messenger! NOW! oh it's funny the way they go back and forth, back and forth... well that's the way i *thought* it was. now i know that they're one and the same person! the things your art shows you... ; )

i painted her with watercolors (twinkling H2O's and caran d'ache crayons) on a piece of muslin that i glued to the page. i love muslin... the next time i paint a face on it, though, i'm going to work more quickly and with less precision. that'd work better...

this is a roll-up jewelry case that i made a few years ago. i painted the bone and lotus with caran d'ache crayons on muslin, then ironed it (to heat set the crayons) and threw it in the washer to see how much of the paint would survive the washing machine. i was amazed at how much of the image was left. caran d'ache crayons are pretty miraculous...

by the time this post goes up i'll be long gone down the road to visit friends. thinking about what i wanted to do with my last hours before leaving (besides pack), i decided to do some stenciling on fabric flags i made a while ago -- guerilla art for the road, you know. they're on my art table here, waiting to have the ties run through the top. this stenciling, i'm tellin' ya, is so practical!!

happy week to you!



  1. Have safe (and fun) trip, Lynne!

  2. what a magical day that would be to come across a stenciled prayer flag in a most unexpected place ... plus the stencils are FAB.

    have to admit that devil angel you has me grinning (and nodding my head). I've never painted on muslin & water colors tend to muddy in my care, but I think I just might have to try one more time. :)

    may your travels be pleasant & your visit filled with happy hearts.

  3. How cool that muslin is! thanks for sharing the color fastness of it with your ironing and washing tests for us :) I absolutely love your devil/angel Lynne, and both of those elements within you!! we got see both & know we be both as BEings in this big ol' beautiful world!! sending love along your traveling trails.
    xox K

  4. Our art reveals so much about ourselves!! I thought you were probably a little! Love the painting!
    Those Caran D'ache crayons..... ooh.... I adore them so much! I didn't know you could heat set them. Good to know!
    Have a great trip Lynne!!

  5. The expression on Devil/Angel's face is priceless! I think she's contriving some sort of mischief.
    Happy, safe trip, Lynne.

  6. Lynne, your devil/angel is a lovely piece full of your usual and expression and humour. I love Caran D'Ache too but H2Os are a mystery to me. Got to check those out. Have a great time with your friends Lynne and thanks for leaving us lovely things to enjoy while you're away x

  7. We could none of us be the angels we are without the devil to try us. And that from an atheist. Love this painting.

  8. Have you got the devil/angel tugging going on too Lynne ? :)
    Love your devil/angel and everything here I see.
    The guerilla art is fab...and i went out and bought some caran d'arche because of you...they are really wonderful. Have a great trip Lynne...

  9. Fun painting...and oooh so true the devil/angel in you! I love that you have used the muslin too, there something about fabric and paint that I love. I love my caran d'ache (would love to have the *big* set.... maybe when the Aussie dollar is a bit better I might visit DickBlick again?)

    Nice to see your jewellery roll and the prayer flags...of course being a bit of a fabric-a-holic, I find these very appealing.

    Enjoy your time with your friends and look forward to seeing the prayer flags at a later date.

    Safe trip.

    Jacky xox

  10. ...just wandered in here and lovin the fluidity your work...

  11. gorilla art for the road made me smile so much!

    enjoy your trip.
    didn't know about those crayons, but i love the images you made--that devilish one looks angelic.

    you wouldn't shoot the messanger if we leave you a message down here on your blog would you?

    my message to you is Peace, and radiate! you have to. :)


  12. You do an amazing angel/devil. The picture is fantastic.

    Your art is incredible.

    Have a great trip.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. stencilled guerilla flags..yeah! Loving all the cloth work.

  14. LOVE stenciling. It makes ALL the difference! I enjoy your experiments. You make me feel like being brave!

  15. Hey Lynne, I hope your trip is wonderful... you sure can bring a smile to my face... will you be home by the 27th, that's when our next art "gathering" is to make our tin box shrines at my house... Roxanne

  16. It is so wonderful how our art reveals the unity of ourselves!

  17. Hope you are having the best time!

  18. Love your angel/devil you and the look on that face - WELL ! Have a devilish time with some angel moments!

  19. Loving muslin myself . . . as well as the stencils you've used here. Love stencils!

    Happy journeys.

  20. love those flags Lynne and ur stencil stuff in the previous posts. fabulous.

  21. Hi Lynne! Love those funky horns! And your pointy shoulders waiting for something to land on them. Glad you have embraced your inner devil! The texture of the muslin really shows up when you enlarge the photo. Fantastic!

  22. Love the freedom in your work!