Monday, May 25, 2009

solar heart

maybe it's mercury in retrograde, or maybe it's the gorgeous weather, i don't know... it's been a week of fits and starts creatively, and i'm feeling no desire to take photos of what i have done. just this, 'solar heart', which is the first page in my new journal... i have been pretty obsessed with the whole stencil scene -- now that i think about it that may be the culprit...

mrs. mizzle is settled in at jacky's. she lives in the library and spent the weekend reading a couple of novels, nothing heavy. she's *totally* not affected by this mercury in retrograde thing...



  1. thank you for sharing!

    Here is my latest post for the world's 1st theme park regarding the Noah's Park!

  2. and isnt she gorgeous? I wonder how long before she gets an Australian accent... I must send her a chiko roll...

  3. Lynne, I adore this image. Is it mounted like this in your journal or is the effect digital?

  4. Lynne,

    I just love your "solar heart"! It's perfect for the first page. Of course.... I'm a heart junkie!
    It is hard with all this beautiful weather to sit in the studio! I'm jealous of those who set up their easels outside and paint the view. Can you imagine us with all our mixed media supplies? LOL

  5. Lynne your solar heart made me smile. Beautiful first page. I look forward to seeing more of your journal pages when the mood takes you.

    I loved your comment re: mrs. mizzle. She is just enjoying some light reading at the moment...nothing too heavy after her flight.

    Jacky xox

  6. hmmmm, you've done a bit of an overhaul on your blog and I really like it - your new (old) profile pic is wonderful and I think represents you at the moment! - a solar heart?! interesting idea - it's really wonderful!

  7. the colors of your solar heart are simply brilliant - so thick and rich feeling. What a great beginning.

    oh ... and am thinking I just might have to adopt your rituals. :)

  8. well!
    I went to visit Ms Mizzle and sent her my love... she is so handsome.

    I met her earlier in the month and adored her but got so quiet in myself i never said so.

    I adore. You too!
    Hope your days are entering you with grace and sun and creativity!

  9. Checked up on Mrs Mizzle in Oz and she's settled in well.

    Glorious heart!

  10. you're welcome, miss ng!

    lol, grrl, i'm pretty sure that jacky'll keep me informed as to her accent. i don't think it'll take long. ; )

    hey lumilyon! thank you! the mounting/frame is just here on the blog -- in my journal there's no frame around it... xo

    lol, manon, sometimes i tell myself that i really *should* get off the heart thing, but it's hopeless!! i keep drawing them!

    as for being able to work outside, that's just about the only drawback to mixed media that i can see; it does not lend itself to portability one bit! xo

    hi jeane, thanks about the overhaul! just a few changes here and there. it's time for a new banner but one hasn't presented itself yet...

    heya michelle, the 'rituals' pic is a photo of some of grrl's art (that she sent to me). fabulous, huh? feel free to adopt away. ; )

    m.! i felt you were out there being quiet!! i *know* mrs. mizzle was delighted that you decided to step out and pay her a visit. she so loves intelligent conversation, not to mention poetry...

    and i hope your days are entering you with grace, sunlight and creativity!

    lol, robyn, thanks for checking in on mrs. mizzle. i know she appreciated it. i do hope you gave her a brief report on what you're carving (or contemplating carving) now. she's as much of a fool for your art as i am... xo

  11. jacky! i skipped you! good heavens!

    hee, hee, hee... every time i think about mrs. mizzle doing some light reading i get a big grin. yeah, i'm sure that flight must have been exhausting. ; ) xo

  12. What a special and creative way to start a new journal. Inspiring!

  13. who is mrs. mizzle married to? i wondered if she was a ms. or a mrs...

    an intellectual too. : )

  14. hey seth! thank you!

    m., mr. mizzle passed on years ago... actually, i never knew him but mrs. mizzle spoke very fondly of him.

    well YEAH she's an intellectual... do virgos make any other kind of being? : )

  15. I love your solar heart - it's powerful radiation needs no post company :)

  16. Absolutely fantastic!!!
    This is I really need in these days!Every thing is OK as always.But inside me,there was something before that right now dose not exist!

    So thanks about your post
    Be Happy

    P.S.Your journal in the last post is sooo great!!!I wish you could complete this one and would make it great,too!
    You are so diligent and you live with Art every time!

  17. Your first page is a vibrant beginning of your new journal... the soft heat of these spring days warms me to the core... I loved talking with you, Lynne and sharing our journeys... roxanne

  18. love your sunny heart ! keep listening to it, lynne !

    so happy for mrs.mizzle and jackie !

  19. Oh the beginnings of a new thats something to celebrate about!
    Perfect "solar heart" too :)
    Yes, peeked in on Mrs Mizzle too...nice to know she lives up the road from me!

  20. eye see your heART
    miss Lynne
    oh so radiantly...

    xox - eb.

  21. hee, karin, that's good, because it has none! : ) xo

    thank you, parisa... you have put a big smile on my face... : ) xo

    hi roxanne, it's funny, i did this on the first page and then on the next one i put about 50 layers of acrylic down! all over the place, i am! yeah, it *was* nice talking...

    hiya kim! i will keep listening! beautiful week to you!

    thank you, jo... yes, keep an eye on mrs. mizzle, will you? : )

    smiling and waving, eb! xo

  22. lol
    a Virgo shan't argue with a virgo bout that.

  23. I just need your solar heart! Thank you!

  24. Lynne, I just discovered your blog and all I can say is "WOW! What a treat." Thanks for sharing. The solar heart is beautiful and so inspiring.

  25. hee, m... i didn't think you would... : )

    you're welcome, b & w!! xo

    thank you so much, pat! and thanks for stopping by!

  26. Lynne it is beautiful.